Russia and Ukraine step up air campaign ahead of anticipated counter-offensive

Dozens of surges were reported in Ukraine and near Russian-inhabited Crimea early on Wednesday, as both sides stepped up air attacks ahead of an anticipated counter-offensive by Kyiv to regain lost area.

Much is riding on Ukraine’s long-anticipated counter-offensive more than a year into Russia’s major intrusion of the nation. Military experts state that it is not just essential for Kyiv to recover land however likewise to persuade its western partners of the requirement to send out more military support.

Experts state a series of drone attacks in Russia and in Russian-inhabited area in current days that Moscow has actually blamed on Kyiv have actually been viewed as Ukraine preparing the battleground ahead of its operation.

Anticipating Ukraine’s relocation, Russia has actually increased the variety of air attacks throughout the nation.

Air raid sirens sounded throughout the Ukrainian capital quickly after midnight followed by a series of surges that the armed force stated were from its air defences.

Ukraine’s flying force command stated in a declaration that Russian forces had actually released approximately 26 Iran-made kamikaze drones. Its air defences obstructed 21 of them, it included.

“The capital of Ukraine was subjected to another air attack by the enemy. The third in the last six days,” stated Serhiy Popko, head of the capital’s military administration. “According to preliminary information, all enemy targets were identified and shot down in the airspace around the capital.”

In the southern Kherson area, “chaotic shelling” by Russian forces had actually eliminated a minimum of 16 civilians considering that the early hours of the day, Ukraine’s basic district attorney’s workplace stated on Wednesday afternoon.

Officials in the main Ukrainian province of Kirovohrad reported that a drone strike had actually struck a fuel depot.

The flurry of air campaign follows a lull in Russian rocket and drone attacks after a months-long barrage versus Ukraine’s energy facilities over the fall and winter season.

Over the course of the war, Ukrainian authorities have actually avoided verifying most attacks on Russian area, however Russia’s Tass news firm reported on Wednesday that a drone had actually struck a fuel depot in Russia’s southern Krasnodar area.

Veniamin Kondratyev, guv of the southern area, stated in a Telegram channel post that the “highest category” of fire had actually broken out at a fuel depot in the town of Volna. The Kerch bridge extends from there to Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, which Moscow inhabited in 2014.

Russian authorities have actually blamed Ukraine for performing drone strikes in Crimea in the previous days, consisting of an attack on Saturday that fired a fuel depot in Sevastopol, the port base for Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Before Ukraine releases a counter-offensive to free about 18 percent of area in the south-east inhabited by Russia, utilizing tanks and weapons provided by the west, it is anticipated to increase efforts to neutralise the military danger from Crimea. Moscow has actually greatly militarised the peninsula and utilized it as a staging post for its major intrusion.

Strikes on fuel depots, military bases and logistical centres might interrupt Russia’s supply lines to its forces in southern and eastern Ukraine. The Kerch bridge, a supply line for Russia’s forces in Crimea, was briefly closed down in 2015 after a surge and stays a leading target for Ukraine.

The Baza Telegram channel, a Russian law enforcement-friendly news outlet, mentioning sources, reported that drones had likewise struck a Russian air base in Bryansk area, which borders Ukraine to the north.

An surge in Bryansk on Monday hindered a freight train, firing up a big fire and turning numerous automobiles on their sides, video footage revealed. Aleksandr Bogomaz, Bryansk province guv, blamed the event on an “unidentified explosive device”, state media reported.

“Undoubtedly Ukrainians are shaping the battlefield not only by attacking Crimea and Russia proper, but also through PSYOPS,” or military operations typically targeted at affecting the opponent mentally, stated Konrad Muzyka, an independent defence expert and director of Rochan Consulting, which tracks the war in Ukraine.

Muzyka indicated reports of evacuation notifications that had actually appeared in Russian-inhabited Zaporizhzhia province in current days as proof of those mental operations.

Russia’s FSB state security service stated on Wednesday it had actually apprehended Ukrainian secret agent in Crimea outlining sabotage and found a smuggling channel utilized to bring dynamites into Russia from Bulgaria “disguised as electric stoves”.


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