Shiba Inu’s Much Anticipated Countdown Ends, But It’s Not Shibarium

The much prepared for Shiba Inu countdown has actually now pertained to an end, however its result isn’t the Shibarium upgrade, as numerous had actually hoped it would be.

Shiba Inu Countdown Ends With New Update For Official Website

A couple of days back, a strange countdown appeared on the main SHIB site, making the neighborhood hypothesize what it might be leading towards. Many users recommended that the statement might be associated with the approaching Shibarium upgrade for the meme coin.

“Shibarium” is a layer-2 blockchain option for Shiba Inu that prepares to bring numerous enhancements to the cryptocurrency’s environment. A layer-2 option is generally a secondary blockchain developed on another network (the “layer 1”) that takes the load off the primary chain by very first performing its deals individually, and after that sending them back to the layer 1 in batches.

The upcoming Shibarium scaling option will enhance the performance of the SHIB environment and will offer more affordable in addition to faster deals to the users. The network will work on a proof-of-stake agreement system, similar to its layer 1, Ethereum. This suggests that Shiba Inu holders will have the ability to stake some coins and end up being a validator on the chain once the layer-2 option is live.

However, in spite of financiers’ hopes that the countdown might be an accumulation to the much-hyped Shibarium, the statement ended up being just an upgrade for the main site.

Some neighborhood members required to Twitter and revealed their annoyance about the expose, triggering designers to come out and deal with the scenario. Shytoshi Kusama, the lead designer on the task, apologized to the SHIB fans, keeping in mind that the dev completely comprehends how the countdown may have been misinforming.

“Although not in control of that, I apologize for any confusion. Stay tuned,” stated Kusama. Trophias, a member of the group that dealt with the SHIB site, commented: “We understand some may be upset as you were expecting an update on the much anticipated Shibarium. Realistically, we can’t launch everything all at once.”

Trophias had in fact just a number of days back hinted that the countdown’s expose would be the site upgrade, as the dev had actually tweeted, “first thing is to update our main website. It was much needed and this is our first step as we march towards Shibarium’s Beta launch.”

While Shiba Inu holders might be dissatisfied about the expose, there has actually likewise nevertheless been some favorable news for them just recently; SHIB was among the 3 most-enjoyed cryptocurrencies on Binance in 2022.

SHIB Price

At the time of composing, Shiba Inu’s cost is trading around $0.00000841, down 6% in the recently.

SHIB continues to combine sideways | Source: SHIBUSD on TradingView

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