Shock And Awe: Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Reaches New ATH

The adoption of the bitcoin lightning network has actually been on the increase for a while now. This was specifically pronounced throughout the several bull rallies of 2021. It set off a sped up rate of adoption. Thus resulting in network blockage due to all of the brand-new users relocating. Naturally, deal charges had actually increased while verification times had actually slowed. The lightning network chose an option to this by not being just quicker however less expensive at the exact same time.

Capacity Grows To ATH

The bitcoin lightning network capability had actually been tethering around 1,000 BTC by this time in 2015. Mostly since users were still comfy negotiating on the bitcoin network and verification times were sensible. However, with huge adoption came the requirement for more capability. The transfer to the bitcoin lightning network was sped up by considerable occasions in the area such as El Salvador making the cryptocurrency a legal tender.

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Since then, the development of the bitcoin lightning network has actually appeared. By December 2021, the lightning network capability had more than doubled to be sitting above 3,000 BTC. Being a layer 2 option, it was hypothesized that its capability would strike a peak and begin decreasing however that would not hold true.

By April 2022, the lightning network capability had actually grown to more than 3,600 BTC. Since it enables users to perform micro-transactions with extremely little deal charges, more users are deciding to utilize the lightning network for their deals, thus the 9% development that has actually been tape-recorded in less than 2 months.

Lightning network capability reaches brand-new high | Source: Arcane Research

As of June 5th, the bitcoin lightning network capability was sitting at 3,950. This development rate shows that more bitcoin users and financiers are selecting to utilize the layer 2 options to perform deals off-chain.

More In Store For Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The bitcoin lightning network has actually been around for a while now and like a great deal of layer 2 roll-up options, has actually spent some time to capture on. However, what has actually been observed with options like these has actually been their sped up development rate once they have actually been attempted and evaluated by users in the area.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC rate recuperates above $30,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

This is in fact obvious in the development pattern of the lightning network. Even after bottoming out at the start of the year, it has actually had the ability to choose back up, growing 6% in the month of May alone. This is the fastest development rate tape-recorded considering that October if 2021. It likewise equates to a 100% annual development rate in lightning network adoption. 

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Although the bearishness has actually been impacting the adoption of bitcoin, those currently in the area continue to look towards other methods of performing inexpensive deals. If the development over the previous month is anything to pass, then the lightning network capability might be tailoring for another run like the one tape-recorded in the summer season of 2021.

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