Solana NFT Protocol Metaplex Undergoes Company-Wide Layoffs After FTX Disaster

The Solana environment continues to take the hardest of hits following the implosion of FTX which utilized to be among the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Its native token, SOL, seriously suffers as the altcoin has currently lost 62% of its worth over the last 2 weeks.

According to tracking from Coingecko, the crypto property which now ranks 17th in regards to market capitalization, is altering hands at $12.88 and has actually been down by more than 5% for the previous 24 hr. Meanwhile, throughout the last 7 days, the digital coin discarded 22.6% of its area trading rate.

It has actually likewise been kept in mind by some observers that a considerable variety of app designers have actually begun to load their bags and desert the blockchain network as evidenced by the diminishing variety of its transferred SOL tokens.

Unfortunately, the disaster doesn’t end here for individuals and workers under the umbrella of Solana.

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Metaplex Forced To Let Go Of Undisclosed Number Of Workers

In what seems a desperate effort to keep its organization afloat following the unfavorable impacts of the FTX crisis, Metaplex, the Solana NFT procedure, revealed by means of Twitter that it will be parting methods with a few of its workers.

Stephen Hess, CEO and co-founder of the procedure, fasted to clarify that the studio’s treasury wasn’t straight impacted by the collapse of FTX however confessed that the fallout of this crypto market crashing episode has actually required them to take some extreme procedures.

At the minute, Hess stays mum on the variety of workers that will be impacted by the lay off and which departments will now need to continue with lower variety of staff member.

Metaplex Studio is being credited for the minting of more than 22 million non-fungible tokens which jointly bring an amazing worth of $3.6 billion.

Solana TVL Also Takes A Heavy Hit

The rate and market capitalization of SOL are not the only things that were harmed by the scenarios including FTX.

The TVL of the Solana environment, which as soon as stood at $1 billion, came crashing down as it was eliminated of $700 million, being down by 70% considering that November 6.

It didn’t assist that the Solana Foundation had more than $1 million riding on the back of the crypto exchange and was holding more than $3.2 million worth of FTX shares and $3.43 million worth of FTT tokens which lost nearly 80% of its worth in simply one day.

As an outcome of this level of direct exposure, the network’s environment was overwhelmed and ravaged although co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko continues to guarantee financiers that they have sufficient monetary ability to remain in organization for the next 30 months at their present state.

SOL overall market cap at $4.6 billion on the weekend chart | Featured image from Coin Edition, Chart:

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