Step By Step Guide To Migrate WordPress To HubArea

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WordPress powers 39.6% of the sites on the web. And, it is rather the most popular and effective Content Management System. Then why move WordPress to HubArea?

There needs to be some factor behind it certainly. Well, there are more than one.

So let’s discuss a few of those factors. But prior to that, here’s a fast look of what you’ll find out in this post:

  • Why move WordPress to HubArea?
  • How to move your WordPress site to HubArea?
  • Migrate WordPress Blog to HubArea
  • Frequently Asked Questions About HubArea Migration
  • HubArea Migration: HubArea vs Agency Partners

Now let’s specify.

Why Should You Migrate from WordPress to HubArea?

Before I begin informing you about the migration procedure, it’s much better to understand the factors to move from WordPress to HubArea.

So here are a few of the advantages that describe why to move WordPress to HubArea CMS:

HubArea CMS brings HubArea CRM with it too. And integrating both of these platforms makes it a lot easier for you to handle all of your site associated activities from one main stack.

For circumstances, you can produce brand-new pages through your HubArea CMS and track their efficiency utilizing the reporting tool in your CRM. You don’t require to change in between several software application like Google Analytics to do this.

HubSpot reporting dashboard

That was just an example however you can do a lot more than that.

  • More Secure and Stable Website

As WordPress is the most popular material management system, it is a prime target of hackers also.

According to a report by Sucuri, 90% of its clean-up demands in 2018 originated from WordPress.

infected website report

As an online company, your site is the most crucial property. It is where whatever takes place, from deals to refunds. You cannot jeopardize with its security.

Hence, you require an effective CMS platform and HubArea is the one that would be an excellent option if it’s about security. Apart from the security, HubArea CMS likewise offers 99.999% of uptime that makes it more steady.

  • Better and Expert Support

With WordPress, you require a specialist group for upkeep of your site. But if you choose HubArea CMS(and acquire a CMS Hub strategy), you secure free HubArea assistance that assists you 24*7 whenever you come across any problem.

WordPress costs you absolutely nothing. But this declaration is insufficient.

The total declaration would be, WordPress costs you absolutely nothing to get going.

You truly don’t require to invest anything to get going with WordPress. But if you’re aiming to run a full-fledged online company, there’s no chance you can do it totally free.

With your company, your requirements grow too. And then you’d need to buy things like plugins, styles, and far more.

And these expenditures exist with HubArea too. But ultimately, a site on HubArea CMS costs less than a WordPress site.

Don’t concern, HubArea states that itself.

HubSpot CMS pricing
The initially 3 quantities are for CMS Hub and the last one is for WordPress.

For example, if you purchase any CMS Hub strategy, you get superior hosting with it too which removes the hosting charge.

Then, there are complimentary security certificates like SSL, WAF you get with your CMS Hub Subscription. You require to invest in them if you have a WP site.

Then there is upkeep, assistance, etc. which can cost method more than you believe in the worst cases. And I’ve currently informed you it’s complimentary with HubArea CMS Hub strategies.

Now let’s pertained to the essence of the blog site and see how you can move WordPress to HubArea.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to HubArea?

There can be 2 various methods to move WordPress to HubArea. Both of these techniques have their own benefits.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Note: Both techniques need a membership to any CMS Hub strategy.

Method #1 (Hiring An Expert)

In this technique, you require to work with a specialist company, be it HubArea itself or any partner company. They’ll deal with each and whatever relating to the migration.

This technique is best when you have a huge budget plan and your site is grown, reputable, and has numerous pages.

Here are the actions to move WordPress to HubArea through a firm:

Step #1

First, you require to determine all the pages you wish to transfer to HubArea. You can utilize Google sheets for that and shop all the links there.

Step #2

Once you determine all the pages you wish to transfer to HubArea, get in touch with the HubArea group or any other specialist company to get the migration procedure done.

If you contact HubArea, they’ll send you a list of pages(URLs) which they’ll transfer to HubArea. If you concur with the list, finish the payment procedure and they’ll begin dealing with it.

Step #3

In the migration procedure, the HubArea group will move your material and style it on HubArea CMS. You can track the development of HubArea migration by going to your HubArea website and browsing into Accounts and Billing > Migrations.

If you browse to Marketing > Website Pages in your HubArea website, you’ll see all those site pages that are effectively moved to HubArea.

Note: These pages will point at a staging domain till the migration procedure is total.

Step #4

The migration procedure certainly takes some time. You require to examine when the procedure is total, you require to begin doing some Quality Assurance(QA) checks.

In these QA checks, you require to check the style, URLs, meta, and other things and make certain they match the initial pages.

You can line up several representatives from your group for these checks. Scrutinize every page and examine if the style, URL, and other information match your initial pages.

Step #5

After carrying out the QA checks, you can continue to link your domain to your HubArea blog site. For this, you require to go to your HubArea portal settings and browse to Website > Domains and URLs and click Connect a domain button.

After that, choose the main domain, then blog site, get in the domain and finish the remainder of the procedure.

Step #6

The last action in this domain connection procedure is Hosting setup. In this action, you require to make modifications to your DNS. You can either do it by hand or instantly, the option is yours.

HubSpot hosting setup

Step #7

After ending up the hosting setup, you require to point your site’s DNS to HubArea’s DNS. Make sure you have actually whatever needed to do that. Once you’re prepared, total this procedure.

Explaining repoint a domain would extend this post. You can link this HubArea’s understanding base to find out how to link a domain to HubArea.

Step #8

Once the modifications in DNS are made effectively, the pages you developed on HubArea will begin pointing towards your domain. You can now check your site if whatever’s working fine or not.

Step #9

Once your site is live on HubArea, you can unpublish your pages on the WordPress domain.

Method #2 (Do-it-yourself)

In this technique, you require to do every procedure by yourself. This is better for you when you don’t have sufficient budget plan and your site is still little and at the starting phase.

Another crucial point is that this technique is not truly a migration. This is more like recreating your site on HubArea CMS. So if you wish to change your platform and upgrade your site a bit, you can utilize this technique.

Here are the actions to move WordPress to HubArea by yourself:

Step #1

First, you require to link your domain to HubArea similar to we performed in the previous technique. After linking your domain, produce a list of those pages you wish to recreate on HubArea CMS.

As I stated, this technique is best when you have a little site. So, make certain you don’t include numerous pages in your list otherwise it would take an eternity. If you wish to move numerous pages, follow the very first technique.

Step #2

In action #2, you require to choose a style for your site. You can pick a HubArea style from the market. For that, login to your HubArea website and click the Marketplace icon on the navigation bar and choose Asset Marketplace.

HubSpot asset marketplace

Step #3

You’ll be then rerouted to the property market page. Click on styles there and discover the style that’s best for your site. There’s a series of complimentary and paid styles, design templates, modules on HubArea property market. Select what’s finest for you.

HubSpot themes

Step #4

After choosing the style, begin producing the page you desire utilizing that style.

Step #5

After producing the pages, link your social networks accounts with the HubArea CRM. This method, you’ll have the ability to release automatic posts on several channels. Also, you can keep track of these posts and evaluate their efficiency from the very same platform.

Step #6

You now require to establish the analytics and reporting so that you can track the efficiency of your pages.

HubSpot analytics reporting

To track the efficiency of your pages, you require to set up the HubArea tracking code on your pages.

Note: Pages developed on HubArea CMS currently have the tracking code set up. But still if you desire, you can examine this HubArea understanding base short article to find out how to set up HubArea tracking code.

Step #7

If you haven’t developed a blog site yet, produce a blog site on your site. It is rather crucial to drive traffic on your site. To produce a blog site, go to Marketing > Website > Blog and produce post.

Also check which blog site design template you’re utilizing by going to Settings > Website > Blog > Template.

HubSpot blog template

There you’d see the design templates you’re utilizing for blog site page and blog site listing. Change these design templates if required.

Step #8

After you established your blog site, go to the HubArea market once again however this time in the App Marketplace.

Now try to find the apps you wish to utilize on your site. It can be a combination, an e-mail marketing tool, reporting tool, or any other thing.

HubArea app market has more than 650 apps you can utilize on your site. So choose what makes your work and life simpler.

HubArea Migration: HubArea vs Agency Partners

There are 2 responses for this concern. Let’s see both of them:

Answer 1: Short and basic

Either of them can be an excellent option.

Answer 2: Long and thorough

Since HubArea is a reputable company, their expense might appear a bit much to you. Especially if you have numerous pages.

While on the other hand, HubArea partner firms charge relatively less than HubArea because they’re still in the growing stage. Hence, they might use you the very same service on a low budget plan.

That had to do with the cost. Let’s discuss the quality.

In quality, HubArea is certainly the very best however because they get a lot of customers, in some cases, the quality of work can be jeopardized.

At the very same time, HubArea partner firms(Platinum partners or above) likewise have fantastic experience in the market and are entirely reliable. And because they don’t deal with a lot of customers at the very same time, they can commit their time just to you and can use an excellent quality service.

Migrate WordPress Blog to HubArea

Now you understand how to move your WordPress site to HubArea.

It looks a bit challenging if you don’t have knowledge in HubArea and aren’t knowledgeable about the platform.

But on the other hand, if you just wish to move your WordPress blog site to HubArea, then it is rather simpler relatively.

HubArea offers a totally free tool for that in their portal itself.

Let’s see how you can carry out HubArea blog site migration action by action:

1. Log in to your HubArea website initially.

2. On the navigation bar, click the Settings icon and browse to Website > Blog.

3. There you’ll see 2 choices, 1) Create a brand-new blog site, 2) Import your existing blog site.

HubSpot blog migration

4. Click on Import your existing blog site and you’ll be required to a window like this.

HubSpot blog import

5. Click on the Start New Import button and choose the post alternative.

6. Once you choose the post alternative, you’ll see 4 various choices such as:

    • Smart Copy
    • WordPress Connect
    • CSV file upload
    • XML file upload

blog import options

7. Select WordPress Connect and click Next.

8. You’ll then be asked to enter your blog site homepage URL, choose the blog site platform, and choose the blog site you wish to import your blog site into.

9. Once you established the import, you can click the Copy post button.

10. The blog site migration procedure will begin now and require time according to the variety of posts you have on your blog site.

These are the information that would be imported in this procedure:

  • Title: Your post’s title. You can likewise state the <h1> tag of your post.
  • SEO title: The title that appears on Google search results page.
  • Author: Author name and bio of the post.
  • Publish date: The date when your post was released.
  • Featured image: The image you utilize as a thumbnail in your post.
  • Categories/Tags: The classifications on your site your post comes from. And tags you included your post.
  • Meta description: A bit of approx. 155 characters that appears on SERPs below the SEO title.
  • Post body: The content inside the <body> tag of your post. Or merely the primary material.

Note: Only the posts that have Title and Post body material will be imported.

Frequently Asked Questions About HubArea Migration

How much does HubArea migration expense?

HubArea moves the very first 20 pages of your site totally free. After that, they’ll cost $20 for each page. Apart from HubArea, partner firms have a various prices structure so you require to examine it.

Is there a limitation on site pages for HubArea migration?

Yes. HubArea just moves your site if it has 1000 pages on it. If you have more than that, they won’t get the job done.

How long does HubArea migration take?

HubArea finishes the migration procedure normally in 2 to 3 weeks.

What if your site runs in several languages?

If all of the pages on your site are on the very same subdomain, they’ll move it.


So that was all on how to move WordPress to HubArea.

Here’s a fast rundown of the entire post:

  • Migrating your WordPress site to HubArea brings several advantages. Like you get complimentary CRM, a more safe and secure and steady site, complimentary specialist assistance at a lower expense.
  • HubArea migration needs professionals so it’s finest to get in touch with HubArea or a professional partner company for it.
  • Don’t contemplate much on picking HubArea or a partner company for HubArea migration. Either of them can do excellent if they’re experienced.
  • If you simply wish to move your blog site to HubArea, you can do it by yourself utilizing the tool HubArea offers in their website.

I hope this summary will assist you comprehend what this post has to do with.

And did I discuss that we are likewise a specialist HubArea company and platinum services partners. Which suggests, we likewise offer HubArea migration service.

So if you’re aiming to move your site from any platform to HubArea, get in touch with us and unwind. We’ll drive you through with ease.

Want to move your site to HubArea?

Connect with us. Sit back and unwind. We’ll get it provided for you with ease.


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