Teaching Children Thankfulness With a Gratitude Jar

Gratitude is the practice of being happy for the important things we get in our life. These things can be concrete, like feeling a sense of thankfulness for having a roofing system over your head or warm food in your tummy. Or it can be intangible, like being happy for the love you feel for your household or being grateful for your intelligence or your capability to connect to others. 

The practice of being grateful and putting it out into deep space is a crucial one. It’s a practice that I am beginning to show my kids in the hopes that it ends up being a terrific routine that they can bring into their adult years. 

What Is a Gratitude Jar?

A thankfulness container is a tool you can utilize to promote a practice of thankfulness. It is a physical container utilized to gather all of the important things you are grateful for. Creating an appreciation container is an easy activity that you can do with your kids. 

The function of an appreciation container is to have a visual tip of all of the important things you are grateful for. It’s a location to hold all of the important things you think about to be the dearest in life. A thankfulness container can be a terrific initiator of interaction in between you and your kids when it concerns speaking about the important things you are most grateful for. It can be a method to begin those crucial discussions. 

Reasons to Start a Gratitude Jar

If you’ve found out about an appreciation container and have actually been thinking of developing one, now is the time to do it. There are a lot of factors to practice thankfulness. Practicing thankfulness is a method to concentrate on the favorable things in your life. It’s a method to draw your attention to all of the important things you do have instead of the important things you do not have.

Scientific research study regularly shows the value of thankfulness and favorable psychology on a person. Studies have actually discovered links in between thankfulness and enhanced physical and mental wellness. There are even links in between practicing thankfulness and cardiovascular health. People who often reveal sensations of thankfulness have actually shown increased favorable feelings, lower levels of tension, and even enhanced quality of sleep.

The practice of being grateful can actually enhance your health. What a terrific present to show your household.

Decoration Ideas for Gratitude Jar

To develop an appreciation container, you just require a couple of products:

  • A clear container (can be a glass mason container or plastic container) 
  • Slips of paper (for composing what you are grateful on)
  • Decorations 

When it concerns the kind of decors you and your household wish to utilize on your container, the sky’s the limitation. Embrace your imagination and go nuts with shine, gems, sticker labels, and plumes. Cover your container in paint, or utilize markers to make use of your preferred styles. Go online and discover complimentary printables that can be utilized to embellish your container. You can even utilize a marker or paint to compose a few of your preferred quotes, expressions, or poems on the exterior of your container. Of course, if you are stuck for motivation, you can constantly hop onto Pinterest and look for “diy gratitude jar” or “thankful jar.” This will assist you to discover numerous distinct and gorgeous concepts for your container. 

How to Use Your Gratitude Jar

While it can be actually enjoyable for kids to embellish their thankfulness container, it’s important to keep in mind that what goes inside the container is more vital than what it appears like. The real practice of thankfulness includes documenting what you are grateful for on a notepad and after that including it to the container. Maybe you’re grateful for a tranquil sleep you had the night prior to or for the kind text you got from a good friend. Whatever it might be, compose it down and position it in your container. 

When to Practice Gratitude

You can choose if you wish to make this a daily, biweekly, or weekly practice. Whatever you feel works best for you. When you are feeling down or having a bad day, just reach into your thankfulness container to recover among your notes for what you are grateful for. This can serve as a terrific pick-me-up and can frequently totally alter your state of mind. 

Tips for Using Your Gratitude Jar With Kids

If you’re doing this with your kids, it can assist to provide some triggers for what they are grateful for. For circumstances, I may state, “tell me about a time when you were grateful for something your teacher did for you at school.” Or, “tell me about a time that your friend did something that made you feel grateful.” Or, “tell me about your favorite toy,” or, “if you could write anyone in your life a thank-you letter, who would you send it to and what would you thank them for?”

A timely can be more valuable with young kids than just asking, “what do you feel grateful for?” Gratefulness can be an abstract idea, so putting some context around it will assist your kids establish their thankfulness practice. 

Where to Keep a Gratitude Jar 

Where you keep your thankfulness container is totally approximately you. However, if you wish to keep thankfulness on the top of your mind, it can assist to have your container someplace where you see it frequently. The more noticeable your container is, the simpler it is to keep in mind to take part in your thankfulness practice.

With young kids, you may motivate them to keep their containers in the cooking area or living spaces so you can deal with their thankfulness slips as a household and make it more of a conversation. If you wish to get in an everyday thankfulness practice, you can pull one thankfulness slip from a various member of the family’s container each night and discuss what you are grateful for at the table. Or, even think about developing a family-wide thankfulness container where you all add to what is within. This can be a lovely method to start a favorable household discussion. 

Practice Gratitude as a Family 

It can be so simple to compare yourself to others and concentrate on what you don’t have rather of all the important things you do have. As a moms and dad, I wish to raise non-materialistic kids, ones who are more worried about who they are and how they deal with besides what they have. Using an appreciation container is one method you can assist your kids, and yourself, to concentrate on the important things that actually matter.

— By Jessica Martel


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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