Terror attack on Vienna pride parade warded off by Austrian intelligence firm

Austria’s intelligence firm has actually warded off an Islamist fear attack on Vienna’s yearly gay pride parade, as EU authorities alert of a growing possibility of Islamist violence in Europe.

The 3 male suspects — Austrian people of Bosnian and Chechen heritage aged 14, 17 and 20 — presumably prepared to attack individuals in the parade with weapons, consisting of air weapons, sabres and axes that were taken by cops, in addition to perhaps utilizing a cars and truck to drive into the crowd.

Omar Haijawi-Pirchner, the head of Austria’s directorate for state security and intelligence (DSN), stated in an interview on Sunday stated the trio had actually been kept track of for a long time and were captured by a Swat group after efforts to carry out “preparatory actions” for an attack.

The plotters had actually been kept under “constant surveillance”, he included.

Counter-fear authorities in Vienna think the 3 suspects had actually been radicalised online, with the DSN monitoring their intake of Isis-connected propaganda.

Unsuccessful efforts were made by the trio to get more deadly, prohibited weapons from abroad, the DSN included, without offering more information.

Weapons taken by the Austrian cops, which the suspects presumably prepared to utilize in the attack © DSN

Organisers quote that about 300,000 individuals went to the “Rainbow Parade” on Saturday, among Europe’s most significant gay rights occasions, hung on Vienna’s Ringstrasse.

The arrests come 2 and half years after 4 individuals were eliminated and more than a lots hurt in an Islamist attack in the city.

Since then, Austrian authorities have actually prioritised broadening their counter-terrorism competence and reforming their nationwide security device after a series of awkward drawbacks were exposed.

The frequency of attacks connected to jihadist ideology in Europe has actually slowed recently, however counter-terrorism authorities throughout the continent have actually alerted of a renewal.

According to Europol, 6 Islamist attacks were finished, stopped working or foiled on the continent in 2022, below 13 in 2020.

However, the variety of yearly arrests of believed jihadi terrorists by European cops companies has actually stayed continuous, at about 260 each year in between 2020 and 2022.

During a check out to the United States last month, French interior minister Gérald Darmanin alerted that there was a growing possibility of a resumption of Islamist violence in Europe, including that it stayed the “primary risk” amongst a series of fear risks on the continent, consisting of reactionary violence.

Dutch counter-terrorism authorities stated previously this month that there were “increasing signs that jihadist organisations are preparing to carry out terrorist attacks”, as they raised the nation’s danger level to “significant”.

The 3 suspects are being kept in jail in Saint Pölten in north-east Austria.


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