The 4-Day Work Week: Will It Really Work?

Let’s state at the starting what we will state at the end. Yes, a 4-day work week actually works. For both business and staff members.

It has actually been considered a dream for individuals who work 5 days or possibly more in a week. But, 3 day weekend is not unattainable any longer. It is the future of work.

There have actually been numerous four-day work week trials all over the world, like in Belgium, Iceland, New Zealand, and the UK.

A four-day work week increases worker complete satisfaction, business dedication, and team effort and reduces tension levels, which indicates more psychological health.  Moreover, these business added to lowering the carbon footprints of their company.

Even much better, lowering the work week to 4 days doesn’t reduce staff members’ efficiency or business output.

Then, how does this dream procedure work? What are the advantages of using the four-day work week in your firm? Keep reading and see the how.

Why a Four-Day Work Week?

Let’s start with the essentials. What is a four-day work week? Well, you work just 4 days and have a three-day weekend. Moreover, your wage keeps the very same. It is difficult to think, right? But it actually takes place.

It is not a compressed work week. You don’t need to do all the work you can do in your five-days work week in 4 days. The work hours are not compressed however lowered. The worker makes another weekend day, which can be any day in the week (mainly Friday).

Implementing a 4-day workweek is important to remain one action ahead as digital companies require skill and stay competitive in the market. In addition, it uses a possibility to draw in more gifted staff members since a 4-day 32 hours workweek enables a much better work-life balance, a better and equivalent office, and an improved efficiency.

As the studies reveal, 63% of companies discovered it much easier to draw in and maintain skill with a 4-day work week, and this design makes staff members better and less stressed out. So it appears that there are particular advantages of lowering working hours and days a week and increasing weekends. Here are a few of them.

Increased Productivity

An assessment of the relationship and efficiency performed by Stanford University exposed a direct connection in between efficiency and working hours. Overworking might lead to less efficiency for staff members than those who work a typical week.

In a workweek trial in New Zealand, a four-day work week allows staff members to keep the very same efficiency level and reveal enhancements in task complete satisfaction, team effort, work/life balance, and business commitment. Also, staff members experienced less tension, reducing from 45% to 38%.

The four-day working week has actually seen success in trials. For circumstances, Iceland’s trial of much shorter working hours was an “overwhelming success.” As an outcome, the nation selected an irreversible prepare for its public sector staff members in 2021.

Moreover, less work hours increase efficiency, as the numbers expose. For example, the typical work hours worldwide’s most efficient nations like Norway, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, are around 27 hours a week – like proposed for a UK 4-day work week.

Better Employee Engagement

A 4-day work week can assist you have better, more satisfied, and devoted staff members. Employees will be less stressed out, and they can recuperate their psychological health as they have lots of time to rest and unwind. Then, they can go back to work sensation recuperated and all set to be innovative.

From 2015 to 2017, Sweden performed a research study on a much shorter work week. Nurses worked just 6 hours 5 days a week, implying 30 hours a week. Fewer hours led to much better health and psychological wellness. In addition, they organized 85% more activities for clients in their care.

Because worker turnover can be harsh for companies, you don’t wish to lose your gifted and dedicated staff members. A four-day workweek can make them better and connected to your work. In addition, it will doubtlessly advantage your company in competitors.

Implementing a four-day work week on our nature and ecology is a significant favorable effect. And it is a vital advantage nowadays when the environment crises appear.

For circumstances, a report released in May 2021 discovered that using a four-day week by 2025 can slash the yearly carbon footprint of the UK considerably.

A trial in the United States state of Utah revealed the substantial eco-friendly impact of lowering the typical work week from 5 to 4 days. During the very first 10 months, the task conserved significant energy expenses and lowered co2 emissions by closing the big office complex on Fridays.

An Equal Workplace

The work-life is still gendered, and ladies are still disadvantaged due to lots of aspects. But four-day work week and less work hours likewise add to narrowing the gender space.

The research study reveals that around 2 million individuals in the UK are not presently utilized due to child care obligations, and 89% are ladies. A 4 day work week can promote an equivalent office for staff members since they would have the ability to invest more time with their households and manage their household obligations much better and more similarly.

Another study exposed that two-thirds of staff members concurred that work-life balance is the most substantial consider total complete satisfaction. In addition, reduced workweeks make it possible for moms and dads to stabilize work needs and kids’s obligations.

Agencies With 4-Days Work Week

Various companies executed and are still executing a 4-days work week and saw the favorable influence on their business. The common remark of their supervisors and staff members is that they all end up being more efficient and better. Let’s fulfill a few of them.

Punch Creative

The brand name interactions firm presented the four-day work week to assist enhance their group’s work-life balance.

They believe a more prolonged weekend motivates the group to establish their innovative pursuits. 

It appears that lowering working hours and days increases business wellness and satisfaction without compromising efficiency or revenues. Employees end up being more efficient and better when they have three-day weekends, and they recuperate themselves.


It is a marketing firm that executes a 4-days workweek with no wage cuts.

They state there is a remarkable favorable effect of lowering work days on their firm.  “I can’t think of any negatives when I think about the four-day working week,” states the Managing Director, Mitchel White.

You can check out Mitchel White’s post about how Reward used this design to their firm.


San-Francisco-based Bolt released a pilot program in 2021 and chose to make this much shorter week design long-term. As an outcome, the business ended up being the very first tech unicorn to attempt a four-day work week.

CEO Ryan Breslow states the trial had actually shown that this design increases staff members’ efficiency and engagement.

Fifth Tribe

This digital firm is the other business that executes a four-day work week.  

The CEO, Khuram Zaman, reveals the modification in their firm: “I’ve been surprised at how it’s improved productivity. The team is more relaxed, happier, and focused when they come to work.”

Brandware Group

Brandware Group is a marketing interactions firm. It is checking a four-day workweek and sees the favorable effects of this work design.

Jim Taylor, the VP of comms, states, “So far, it has been a hit. There has been a notable difference in the energy level of our associates, and I think that’s owing to a better work-life balance.” 


Reboot is an SEO firm based in the UK that chooses a four-day working week.

They provide a three-day weekend with Fridays, keeping the group’s incomes and rights the very same and not compressing the working hours.


The acclaimed innovative material firm Tribera executes a 4-days work week after their effective trial in the UK.

The staff members work from Monday to Thursday without any modification in pay or advantages. This plan permits them to attain their perfect work-life balance while still achieving and providing the firm’s amazing work. 

So, you likewise must think about executing a 4-days work week for your advantage. The outcomes will amaze you. So, why don’t you undertake?

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