The 6 Best Books I Read in 2021

As I discussed the other day, I just completed 50 books in 2021. For some individuals, that may appear like a great deal of books to end up in a year. For me, that’s certainly much lower than typical — and I understand it was since of not setting weekly objectives for much of the year.

But although I didn’t end up as numerous books as typical, I read/listened to some genuine winners! Here were my leading 6 books I completed in 2021:

We Were the Lucky Ones

This was my extremely preferred audiobook of the year! This is based upon the real story of a Jewish household throughout World War II who were separated all over the world and how they wound up enduring and becoming reunited. It is deeply moving, grasping, and heartbreaking. But at the exact same time, it is the story of love, household, and determination versus all chances.

One thing I discovered was how imaginative and identified each of the relative was to beating the chances, creating outside package concepts, and not quiting. When all around it seemed like whatever was falling apart and helpless, they picked to keep continuing and keep hanging on to the will to live.

Of all the parts of the book, I believe the areas that the majority of affected me were considering what it would resemble to have kids throughout the Holocaust and how deeply challenging it would be to attempt to look after and safeguard a child or kid in the middle of so worry, unpredictability, and directly neglect for human life. I can’t even start to think of and this book assisted me to have a look into simply how dreadful that would have been.

Note: There is a bit of language and, as you can think of, some extreme and graphic subjects are discussed. However, I seemed like the book did a great task of not entering into needlessly graphic information and remained real to the story and experiences.

Verdict: 5 stars

Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World of Urgent Need

And this was my leading read of the year — the one that the majority of deeply affected my life! If you check out one book from this list, please read this one.

I simply couldn’t provide this book any less than 5 star! It narrates in gorgeous and harsh information David Platt’s week-long trek in the Himalayas. He takes you on the journey with him to experience the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and bone-chilling cold he experienced. But the cold wasn’t the most chilling part of his week, not by any stretch of the creativity. He pens so vulnerably his encounters with terrific hardship, trafficking of little women, and human suffering, the similarity which he didn’t even think existed.

This book is his sincere account of questioning his long-held beliefs about God, suffering, and what it genuinely implies to provide your life to follow in Jesus’ actions. He doesn’t provide a great deal of responses in the book; he primarily simply shares stories, asks concerns, and difficulties you to stop living a life of complacency.

It’s a well-written book that draws you in with the interesting plot and leaves you taking an actually deep take a look at your heart, your options, and your viewpoint. I extremely suggest it — and can’t stop speaking about how it has actually made me take a look at life with fresh eyes and ears to the requirement around me — and around the globe.

Verdict: 5 stars

The Things We Cannot Say

This book wasn’t at all what I anticipated and I nearly didn’t keep listening after the very first couple of chapters since it tossed me off… however I’m so grateful that I did since it wound up being such a lovely story.

I enjoyed getting to stroll in the shoes of a mommy who has a kid on the autism spectrum and to feel more compassion for what she is experiencing and strolling through. The book likewise made me consider how everybody is bring heavy concerns and the number of individuals are most likely walking with tricks and concerns and has a hard time that we don’t understand anything about.

Note: This book consists of a little crass language.

Verdict: 4 stars

Don’t Miss Out: Daring to Believe Life is Better With the Holy Spirit

If you seem like something is missing out on in your spiritual walk, if you have actually constantly dealt with questioning what you think about the Holy Spirit, or if you are tired from attempting to power through life in your own strength, I believe this book this book will motivate and bless you.

I valued Jeannie’s sincere words of how she’s battled through what she composes in this book. As somebody who — simply in the last couple of years — has actually started to genuinely comprehend the Holy Spirit and what it implies to live life trusting upon Him, I resonated with a lot of this book. I extremely suggest every Christian read this book and take it to heart… it simply may totally alter your whole life!

Verdict: 4 stars

The Woman With the Blue Star

I listened to this audiobook and discovered it to be an actually interesting story (that was likewise well narrated). While a few of the story felt relatively unlikely and difficult, it opened my eyes to another World War II story I’d never ever become aware of prior to: Jews who concealed in the sewage systems in order to make it through the Holocaust.

If you wish to find out more of the real-life accounts of Jewish individuals concealing in the sewage system, have a look at this website. And now I wish to check out The Girl in the Green Sweater, a very first hand retelling of enduring in the sewage system for 14 months and likewise the book, In the Sewers of Lvov: A Heroic Story of Survival from the Holocaust. (Have any of you check out either of these?)

Verdict: 4 stars


I read this book a variety of years back and enjoyed it. Silas and I simply completed reading it together for his summer season reading job and I enjoyed it much more — specifically because the primary character has cleft lip/palate and we might relate much more to him since of what we’ve strolled through/experienced with Baby D.

This book clarifies the value of generosity, compassion, and empathy. And how our words and actions can make such a distinction in somebody’s life — both favorably and adversely.

Verdict: 4 stars (Note: I modified a few of the language in the book while checking out the book aloud to Silas.)

Honorable Mention: Charlotte’s Web

I completed reading this book to Kierstyn recently. It’s been a very long time because I’ve checked out Charlotte’s web and we truly delighted in reading it together (or a minimum of I delighted in the story and she appeared to a minimum of comprehend a small bit of it from the photos in the book!).

The something I had actually forgotten was that the book might be extremely unfortunate (Charlotte passes away) and potentially frightening to delicate kids (Before Charlotte conserves his life, Wilbur is going to be butchered and the book mentions this numerous times). I likewise seemed like there was certainly some bullying from the animals and some shaming. I understand, I understand, I most likely am over-analyzing these things, however I believe it’s important that we call these things out to our kids and have discussions about it.

That stated, I’m providing it 4 stars since I truly take pleasure in the story total and believe it’s a beneficial timeless book to check out aloud as a household — specifically if your kids aren’t extremely delicate, take pleasure in animals, and are in between the ages of (perhaps) 6-10?

Note: This book has 3 books by E.B. White in one book and we read them all. We specifically taken pleasure in Charlotte’s Web and The Trumpet of the Swan.

Verdict: 4 stars

I asked you all for suggestions of great, tidy fiction with depth. Many of you suggested Charles Martin as an author. I listened to a variety of his audiobooks this previous year and truly enjoyed them. His writing is raw and genuine and his stories pull you in… however they likewise have a great deal of underlying significance and make you believe.

Most of them are not overtly Christian, however have Christian undertones. If you are trying to find a brand-new fiction author, certainly have a look at his books!

What were the very best books you check out in 2021? Any that I must check out in 2022?

Coming quickly: My Reading Goals for 2022


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