The Best Piggy Banks to Teach Kids Financial Literacy

Introducing a piggy bank to your kids when they are young is an excellent method to trigger an interest in cash and begin teaching kids monetary literacy. Studies have actually revealed that kids as young as 3 can begin to discover fundamental cash principles. By 7, kids have actually started to form their cash practices. So the earlier you can get going, the much better.

Why Do They Call It a Piggy Bank?

I had actually never ever provided much idea to why piggy banks remain in the shape of a pig. But it’s a great concern … and one that was positioned by my curious 4-year-old when I provided him his very first piggy bank.

Why a pig? What does a pig involve conserving cash?

According to a short article by Acorns, the piggy bank goes method back to the Middle Ages. During this time, pots were utilized to hold individuals’s cash, and they were frequently made from an orange-colored clay called “pygg.” These cash pots ended up being referred to as “pygg pots.” As time went on and the English language developed, the word “pygg” began to be pronounced as “pig.” From this point, you can most likely see how the piggy bank developed to what it is today.

Now if your youngster asks why we conserve cash in a pig, you have the response!

Benefits of a Piggy Bank for Children

Despite all that history, the shape of your kid’s very first piggy bank actually doesn’t matter. You might merely utilize an old mason container with a coin slot cut into the cover or make a Do It Yourself piggy bank in whatever shape you desire.

The principle of the piggy bank is what’s important, and you can utilize it to teach your kids a variety of conserving techniques and other monetary practices:

  1. A piggy bank is an adorable method to present cash literacy.
  2. It’s a method to present various coins.
  3. A piggy bank can be utilized to teach fundamental mathematics abilities like addition and subtraction.
  4. Some moms and dads like to provide their kids numerous piggy banks to teach the principles of conserving, costs, and providing.
  5. The piggy bank can likewise be utilized to teach the extremely crucial ability of postponed satisfaction. While it’s simple to move those coins into the coin slot, it’s not so simple to get them out! Kids need to discover to wait. Not having instant access to their cash is a great way to discover persistence and prepare them for a more matured cost savings account (when the time is ideal).

Different Kinds of Piggy Banks for Kids

In addition to the timeless piggy bank, there’s an entire entire range of themed cash banks out there. After all, another animal/shape/thing might be much better fit to your specific kid’s interests. So if your kiddo isn’t into stock, see if you can discover or make a more special piggy bank.

If you’re purchasing a cash bank, you can likewise pick from a variety of products. There are plastic piggy banks (which are excellent for young kids who are most likely to drop their coin bank), wood choices, and even ceramic piggy bank options for older kiddos.

Initial Piggy Bank

You can discover a coin bank that is available in the shape of your kid’s preliminary. She can operate at filling her “A,” “S”, or “Z” bank. This makes the experience a bit more individual and enjoyable. Kids constantly enjoy when something is tailored particularly for them.

Separate Areas to Save, Spend, and Share

If you wish to strengthen the principles of conserving, costs, and sharing without needing to get 3 different piggy banks, some choices feature 3 areas for cash.

Spaceship Piggy Bank

For the kid who likes deep space! They can conserve their hard-earned coins in a rocket-shaped piggy bank.

Electronic Piggy Banks for Kids

If your kid enjoys all the digital things, then an electronic piggy bank may be the method to go. An electronic piggy bank is precisely what it seems like: It’s a piggy bank that is digital. Especially for older kids, electronic piggy banks can be a more modern-day choice … and a little more amusing and developed than a pink ceramic pig.

You can discover a selection of electronic piggy banks online. These can be actually enjoyable for your kids — simply keep in mind that the disadvantage to digital piggy banks is that they need batteries.

ATM Machine

Give your kids a taste of truth with a piggy bank that appears like an ATM. This can even trigger a discussion about how to securely utilize a debit card to make a withdrawal at an ATM. (If they’ll ever utilize paper currency in our digital world, that is!)

Safe Shaped Coin Bank

For kids who wish to keep their cash additional safe from brother or sisters, you can acquire a safe-themed piggy bank. To enter into the safe, your kid will need to utilize a four-digit passcode that just they understand.

Puzzle Boxes to Help Kids Save Money

Another cool method to start a cash discussion with kids is to provide a puzzle box. This is a box that can just be opened by fixing a puzzle. It may need moving, lifting, a pushing movement, or some other type of brain teaser to gain access to what is within. A puzzle box is much better fit for older kids who will have the ability to figure it out.

A puzzle box can likewise be an enjoyable and creative method to provide somebody cash. They can be utilized to provide a birthday, graduation, or Christmas present. Not just can package be extremely gorgeous or intriguing however you can likewise tuck some cash or a little present inside. When the individual finds out how to open package, they are perfectly shocked with a present.

While puzzle boxes are the ideal present box for providing cash or a little token like a piece of fashion jewelry, they can likewise function as a sort of at-home checking account for older kids. Because they need some method to enter into, they are appropriate for keeping cash.

Piggy Banks Help Teach Financial Literacy

Give your kids a monetary upper hand by presenting the principles of cash and conserving as early as possible. When your kids are actually young, put simply various coins into their adorable piggy bank together can be an enjoyable activity that likewise assists them learn more about cash. As your kids age, you can present digital piggy banks or more individualized coin banks to stimulate their monetary interests and provide an enjoyable location to conserve their allowance or task cash.

–By Jessica Martel


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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