The distinctions in between Google Analytics 4 (GA4) versus Universal Analytics (UA)

For those of you that are utilized to Universal Analytics (UA) you will have seen that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is drastically various.

Google Analytics 4 works extremely in a different way from its predecessor. Although it features numerous brand-new functions, it has actually likewise suffered some criticism for viewed bugs and missing out on some functions from Universal Analytics. This blog site will speak about the primary essential distinctions in between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics.

When will Universal Analytics be deprecated?

Google has actually revealed that Universal Analytics will stop processing hits on July 1st, 2023 for basic UA homes.

Different Measuring Models

There are considerable distinctions in between how interactions are caught in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

Universal Analytics utilizes a session/pageview measurement, while Google Analytics 4 utilizes an event/parameter design. Interactions are taped as occasions. Therefore all Universal Analytics hit types end up being occasions in Google Analytics 4.

It is essential to keep in mind that occasions are not a brand-new thing in regards to Google Analytics. They likewise appeared in Universal Analytics. In Universal Analytics each occasion would have an associated classification, action, and label. These no longer exist in Google Analytics 4. The occasions in Google Analytics 4 have occasion specifications that are extra pieces of details about the action (occasion) a user took. Lots of the occasion specifications are sent out immediately, such as page_title. There is the choice to include extra occasions when required.

As the information designs are extremely various in Google Analytics 4 compared to Universal Analytics, Google advises that you execute brand-new reasoning when establishing Google Analytics 4.

Removal of Monthly Hit Limits

Universal Analytics had a regular monthly limitation of 10 million hits. With Google Analytics 4 we have actually seen the elimination of regular monthly hit limitations. Google Analytics 4 does have a limitation on the variety of various occasions that can be caught (500).

Free Connection to BigQuery

Finally you can now have a totally free connection to BigQuery. Previously just GA360 clients had the ability to gain access to BigQuery complimentary of charge, and this was a significant difference in between the complimentary and paid variations of Google Analytics.

If you have actually not utilized BigQuery prior to you must attempt it out as it allows large and complicated information sets to be queried very quickly. By utilizing Big Query it takes the information out of Google Analytics and permits you to provides you the capability to evaluate it without the concern of tasting.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen from the above there are a great deal of distinctions in between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics. Here at Koozai we advise that you comprehend it completely prior to you switch entirely. We likewise advise developing a brand-new residential or commercial property to run along with Universal Analytics. If you wish to learn more about Google Analytics 4 check out our novice’s guide to GA4.

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