The Do’s and Dont’s of Link Building [infographic included]

Today, we are taking a look at the do’s and dont’s of link structure, assisting you to browse the procedure more quickly.

So, just what is link structure?

Imagine your site as a library, and each link as a recommendation indicating your books. When other sites connect to yours, online search engine see it as a vote of self-confidence. The more quality votes you have, the greater you rank on online search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Do’s

Let’s kick things off with the favorable side of link structure – the do’s that can raise your site’s SEO video game.

Create Quality Content

The structure of effective link structure is quality material. When your material is important, useful, and appealing, other sites naturally wish to connect to it. It’s like having a finest seller that everybody desires on their racks.

Build Relationships

Networking isn’t simply for gatherings; it’s an essential part of link structure too. Connect with influencers and other site owners in your specific niche. Genuine relationships can cause natural, premium backlinks, turning your site into a relied on resource.

Thought Leadership

Offering your know-how through contributions is a wonderful method to protect backlinks. It’s a win-win – the hosting site gets important material, and you get a link back to your website. Just make certain your visitor posts are first-class and the websites appropriate and respectable.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms are not simply for sharing feline memes. Actively share your material on these platforms to increase its presence. You never ever understand who may come across it and choose to connect back to your remarkable piece.

Internal Linking

Don’t ignore the power of internal connecting. Link appropriate pages within your own site to produce a smooth user experience and reveal online search engine the interconnectedness of your material.

Monitor Competitors

Keep an eye on your rivals’ backlink profiles. If they are getting attention from respectable sources, it may be an indication that those sources might be thinking about your material too.

Focus on Diversity

Variety is the spice of link structure. Diversify your anchor text, target various kinds of sites, and go for a mix of dofollow and nofollow links. This variety includes trustworthiness to your link profile.

An infographic listing the dos and dont of link building


The Dont’s

Now, let’s avoid the mistakes and talk about the dont’s of link structure.

Avoid Link Farms

Link farms resemble the dark streets of the web – finest prevented. These are sites that exist entirely to supply backlinks with no regard for content quality. Engaging with them can damage your website’s credibility.

Say No to Black Hat Techniques

Black hat methods may guarantee fast outcomes, however they come at an expense. Stuffing your material with keywords, masking, or purchasing backlinks can cause charges from online search engine, hindering your SEO efforts.

Low-Quality Directories

Submitting your site to every directory site under the sun might appear like a great concept, however it’s not. Focus on respectable directory sites and prevent those that exist entirely for link structure functions.

Steer Clear of Irrelevant Links

Quality over amount, constantly. Don’t pursue links from unimportant sites or those without any connection to your specific niche. It may momentarily enhance your numbers, however it won’t do marvels for your trustworthiness.

Don’t Ignore Broken Links

Broken links resemble pits on the roadway to SEO success. Regularly look for and repair any damaged links on your site. Search engines and users value a smooth, error-free journey.

Beware of Duplicate Content

Search engines discredit replicate material. Ensure that your material is special, both on your website and when sending visitor posts. It’s not almost links; it’s about supplying worth.

Quantity Isn’t Everything

It’s not about the number of links you have; it’s about their quality. A handful of premium, appropriate links will do more for your SEO than a variety of low-grade ones.

The Link Building Journey

Embarking on an effective link structure journey needs a mix of technique, imagination, and diligence. Picture it as a trip – you require the best map (technique), a dependable automobile (material), and a watchful chauffeur (you).


Focus on developing extraordinary material, developing relationships, and diversifying your technique. Avoid faster ways, avoid the dubious corners of the web, and constantly prioritise quality over amount.


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