The Growth Mapper SWST Test

The So What, So That Test (SWST) from our Growth Mapper structure is a workout that assists you specify your service worth to clients and possible customers by determining what issue(s) they deal with, how it impacts them negatively/positively (So What), why they ought to appreciate this concern whatsoever (So That).

Let’s have a look at the So What, So That Test (SWST) from our Growth Mapper structure in more information.

Why Use the SWST Test?

The SWST test is an excellent tool to assist you identify the very best method to interact your service proposal so that your audience instantly comprehends its worth. This indicates assisting them comprehend how it will fix their issues and provide what they desire, which in turn indicates getting more of what you desire – clients!

You’ve turned over every rock and scratched all surface areas to comprehend your service. You can discuss it with self-confidence, competence, and authority.

Now, you might be a professional, however your clients aren’t. You can get swept up in the finer information when you talk like one- utilizing complicated lingo that’s lost on them and makes you appear gotten rid of from their viewpoint.

The SWST Test

The graphic listed below programs a flow diagram beginning on the left side. For each area, there are 3 titles: “My business” (above), then “So that my customers can” and lastly “Resulting in.” The last action is called “Benefit statements (your value proposition)”.

The objective of this passage is to assist you interact the worth your service supplies in such a way that’s simple for clients to comprehend. To do so, take some easy realities about what your services or product does and turn them into benefit-led declarations.

In this example, we’re utilizing an accountancy practice as a basis for showing how it works.

Let’s have a look at this workout in action listed below by taking a real example of its use: In the case of our fictitious business – “Accounting Practices,” they have actually investigated their customer base and identified that about 10% are small company owners who may be thinking about services aside from simply audits.

So, when these possible customers concern them searching for assist with taxes or payroll management, this Accounting Practice utilizes particular messaging to resonate with those people.


As you can see, the accountancy company uses 3 services for companies. They are accounting, management reports within 7 days of month-end, and tax guidance.

So what? Why would these services matter to an accounting professional’s target market instantly and straight?

The next part describes that by connecting the service to its instant result you resolve this concern, prior to digging a little much deeper into why it matters in future terms.

To supply a more intriguing example, an accounting professional supplying accounting services permits their customers to keep current accounts. This is the most basic type of what they do. So we fill out this area thus.

“So that my customers can…”

  • Keep current accounts
  • Make much faster and more educated choices
  • Minimise “accidental” tax

We require to discover the core advantage of your item. What is it that individuals are attempting to achieve by acquiring this? Why do they appreciate these particular advantages, and how will it impact their lives if you had the ability to supply them with what they want/need?

A company owner isn’t inspired to work with an accounting professional merely for current accounts. That’s a spin-off of the service. The real advantage is that they desire assurance, and not needing to stress about submitting their taxes on time every year. This is a psychological advantage we reveal in the workout.

“Resulting in…”

  • Peace of mind
  • A more powerful service
  • More offered capital to invest or extract

“Together now…”

We now have the pieces we require to develop our essential messages.

Let’s take the tax guidance service as an example: My [accountancy firm] supplies tax guidance so that my clients can decrease “accidental” tax, resulting in more offered capital to invest or draw out.

Pretty basic service for an accountancy practice (tax guidance) features an engaging reason that somebody would wish to utilize it after we follow the structure. It is not due to the fact that they merely desire tax guidance, however rather due to the fact that they can conserve cash by utilizing our services and this advantage matters most in their life.

When you do that, it can result in a significant and benefit-led worth proposal that speaks straight to your perfect client:

Our skilled tax guidance assists you prevent paying more tax than you require to, implying you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash to purchase your service – or yourself.

To effectively place your service, you should interact in such a way that is quickly comprehended by clients. If you utilize lingo or stroke your own ego rather of talking to them and utilizing language they comprehend, then it’s less most likely for them to be engaged.

The SWST test provides you a structure and instructions to supply more targeted messaging for your audience. Once you have actually fine-tuned the messaging, it is then possible to alter tone or phrasing in order to much better match with your brand name’s identity.

Want to make enhancements to your messaging? Download the workbook here and try.


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