The Importance Of Brand Awareness

Wondering what brings a specific brand name to mind when somebody asks you about a specific item classification?

The response is:

Brand awareness.

You see, developing a brand name is something – however embedding your brand name in the consumers’ minds is a totally various endeavor.

Developing that level of brand name awareness will act as the structure for success in your other marketing efforts, as consumers end up being mindful of your brand name in time. 

That’s why today, we’d like to go over the value of brand name awareness and see how it can assist you construct commitment, appeal, and sales.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness can just be specified as the level to which a target market recognizes with a brand name, able to acknowledge its unique qualities,  and unconsciously associates them with particular services or products.

In short, it explains how mindful consumers are of your brand name.

It ought to be included that there are really 3 unique layers to brand name awareness:

Want a real-life example of brand name awareness at its outright finest?

Just take a look at Coca-Cola:

Considering that 94% of the world’s population immediately acknowledges the red-and-white logo design – which “Coca-Cola” is reported to be the second-most understood term worldwide, 2nd just to “Okay” – it’s safe to state that this renowned brand name is all over.

So, if you ever questioned why, whenever you’re provided a soda, Coca-Cola is among the very first things to come to mind; there’s your response.

How’s that for an efficient brand name awareness technique?

Why Is Brand Awareness Important?

We can’t highlight enough the worth of structure brand name awareness.

While this is a simplistic method to put it, customers require to be mindful that your brand name exists prior to they can even think about buying. And that makes brand name awareness important in a consumer’s journey.

One-3rd of customers confess that when they shop, they currently have a specific brand name in mind. And if it’s your brand name they consider, you currently have a benefit.

Recent reports reveal that 77% of customers tend to describe particular items by the trademark name – even if the items really originate from a various brand name. Kleenex, for instance, has actually ended up being an extensively utilized synonym for “tissues.”

That suggests that, with sufficient brand name awareness, your trademark name ends up being associated with the kind of item you’re offering.

But that’s not all.

Here are a couple of other factors to construct brand name awareness:

How To Increase Brand Awareness: Practical Tips

Strong brand name awareness can assist your organization stand apart in the perpetual barrage of marketing that customers are experiencing every day. Traditional marketing efforts worked fine in the past. But nowadays, organizations require to think about brand-new options to engage their audiences in the proper way – and at the correct time.

Of course, this isn’t something that can be attained over night – or with a one-off job, for that matter. If you are severe about asserting your brand name’s existence and significance, you will need to put effort and time into it.

Here are some useful suggestions and finest practices you can begin executing today:

Need aid structure brand name awareness? Get in touch with Pastilla, and let’s see what we can do to guarantee your brand name remains top-of-mind.


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