The Metric That Says A Further 50% Drawdown For Ethereum Is Possible

Past pattern of the Ethereum worth caught per byte metric recommends that a 50% drawdown from here is still possible for ETH.

Ethereum Value Captured Per Byte Currently Stands At $0.30, Double The Previous Bear Bottoms

As per the most recent information launched by Glassnode, ETH might still perhaps have prospective for an additional 50% plunge in the rate.

The “value per byte” is a sign that determines the overall worth kept by Ethereum within a single blockchain byte.

The metric was very first created by Permabull Niño, and its primary objective is to design how the worth capture-to-data performance of a blockchain modifications in time.

When the worth of this indication is high, it suggests the crypto is recording a big quantity of worth relative to a little information footprint today.

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Such a worth can hint that the blockchain is extremely effective at the minute. On the other hand, a low worth being kept per byte recommends bad performance.

Now, here is a chart that reveals the pattern in the Ethereum worth caught per byte over the last couple of years:

Looks like the worth of the indication has actually decreased in current weeks | Source: Glassnode

In the above chart, the red, blue, and green lines represent $5 per byte, $1 per byte, and $0.15 per byte, respectively.

Historically, Ethereum has actually formed bearishness bottoms around when the network has actually caught a worth of $0.15 per byte.

Similarly, when the indication has actually had a worth of about $5 per byte, the crypto has actually peaked (nevertheless, not all tops took place around this worth).

Most just recently, the worth of the metric has actually sunk down and the ETH blockchain is now saving around $0.30 per byte.

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Clearly, the indication is at the minute double the $0.15 bottom line that the coin appears to have actually traditionally followed.

This might recommend that Ethereum might still have space for approximately 50% more decrease prior to the bear bottom is lastly in.

However, the Glassnode report keeps in mind that this is just presuming that there is no basic enhancement in worth capture by the network.

The Ethereum environment today is rather various from a couple of years back; NFTs, DeFi, and other contemporary facilities didn’t exist then.

So, since of these elements, its possible the standard for worth kept by the network is now greater, recommending that a bottom might happen at a greater point than in the past.

ETH Price

At the time of composing, Ethereum’s rate drifts around $1.1k, up 1% in the previous week.

Ethereum Price Chart

The rate has actually primarily moved sideways over the last couple of days | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView
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