The Winners In Michael Saylor’s Impromptu Lightning Network-themed Meme Contest

A well-known altcoiner attempted to test Michael Saylor’s dedication to bitcoin and this is what he got. A meme contest. And in this post, you’ll get to see 2 of the 3 winners. Don’t scroll down! You must check out the entire story initially, to get the complete impact. The style of the conversation was the Lightning Network. Bitcoin’s 2nd layer option is among the success stories of the last couple of years, however does a billionaire like Michael Saylor utilize it?

The altcoiner’s survey concern was “Do you think Michael Saylor has made more than three Lightning transactions in his life?” The outcomes were: YES – 52.2%; NO – 34.8%; SEE OUTCOMES – 13%. More than 10K individuals voted. To be reasonable, the outcomes were rather various prior to Mr. Saylor discovered what was going on and counterattacked with the meme contest. The altcoiner recorded the sharp contrast in the portions with a Do Kwon-referencing 2nd tweet:

Michael Saylor rose to the difficulty and raised the stakes.“The correct answer is Yes, and I will make three more transactions of 1,000,000 sats each to the 3 posters of the most liked Lightning memes in the comments below,” he tweeted. 

A modest quantity, sure. One million satoshis is a little over $203 at the time of composing. Nevertheless, the contest attained its objective. It moved the discussion in another instructions and showed without a doubt that Mr. Saylor is a Lightning user like the rest people.

Michael Saylor’s Company Is Already Working On Lightning

As it typically takes place, the altcoiner wasn’t taking note. As quickly as last month, MicroStrategy was searching for Lightning Network designers and Michael Saylor tweeted: “The engineers at MicroStrategy are working on some exciting new Lightning apps to help our enterprise customers secure networks, monetize websites, and deploy wallets en masse using Bitcoin.”

Does that seem like a guy that hasn’t utilized the Lightning Network? Or does it seem like Michael Saylor just recently left the CEO position at his business to concentrate on bitcoin which advertisement suggests things to come? Most individuals believed Mr. Saylor was going to concentrate on bitcoin acquisition however, by the appearances of that advertisement, MicroStrategy will develop bitcoin items for business.

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Anyway, The Winners In Michael Saylor’s Impromptu Lightning Network-themed Meme Contest

Look, we can’t reveal them all. This is a decent publication. We’ll reveal the very first 2, however you’re on your own with the last one. Anyway, after a duration of major consideration and a couple of Lightning deals, Michael Saylor tweeted: “Congratulations are in order to @ShireHODL, @NEEDcreations, & @publordhodl, the winners of our Lightning meme competition. Each has received 1,000,000 sats, delivered via the Lightning network in a few seconds.”

And each of the winners finished the cypher by revealing invoices. But let’s go one by one.

  • Shire utilized the traditional Ned-Stark-influenced meme format for a shining recommendation of the Lightning Network: 

In a brand-new traditional Internet minute, Shire then supplied video footage of Saylor himself paying him the benefit. Or, as Shire puts it, “competently sending sats via lightning.”

  • NEEDonaut personified the Lightning Network as the outright champ of champs Usain Bolt… get it? Bolt.

Notice how quickly the Lightning Network beats the competitors. NEEDonaut then tweeted: “If this is one of the winners, I’ll spread Lightning adoption by sending some of the sats to my high school students.” And when he did win, he validated the deal with his own Lightning node.

And that’s the story of Michael Saylor’s unscripted Lighting Network-themed meme contest.

Featured Image: among the winning memes, from this tweet | Charts by TradingView

Lightning Network. a storm brewing

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