The Worry-Free Parent (with Sissy Goff)

I’m so honored to have Sissy Goff back in the studio to discuss her brand-new book, The Worry-Free Parent: Living in Confidence So Your Kids Can Too. When Sissy was here a couple years ago for her book Raising Worry Free Girls, the action was incredible, and to this day, I still speak with a lot of moms and dads who were deeply affected by that book!

A therapist for over thirty years who assists households through her therapy practice, Sissy joins me today to discuss her brand-new book, The Worry-Free Parent. I extremely advise this book if you have actually ever fought with sensation like you aren’t doing enough as a moms and dad or worrying over today and the future for your kids.

In this episode, Sissy shares how a lot of kids today are handling stress and anxiety that really originates from their moms and dads’ own stress and anxiety. She offers useful tools moms and dads can carry out right away to assist them feel less uptight, frightened, or stressed out about how they may be screwing up their kids or fizzling as a moms and dad.

I particularly valued how truthful she had to do with how attempting to bubble wrap and safeguard our kids from battle is really a method we wind up injuring our kids and making life harder for them in the long run.

She shares how stress and anxiety in both moms and dads and kids can originate from invasive ideas ending up being stuck in a “loop rollercoaster” in our minds. In our discussion, I ask her to stroll us through relaxing strategies to assist move us out of that loop. We discuss what it appears like to get to the root of where our concern and worry is originating from and what to do about it.

This is another effective episode that you don’t wish to miss out on!

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In This Episode

[00:35] – Sissy Goff returns to the podcast today!

[4:04] – A recommendation from Sissy’s editor triggered her to compose 2 books.

[8:55] – It’s regular for moms and dads to fret, however stress and anxiety is when invasive ideas end up being stuck and take control.

[13:49] – Parents must understand that often times their stress and anxiety originates from desiring the very best for their kids.

[15:04] – What it appears like to practice deep breathing and grounding strategies.

[18:22] – My stress and anxiety came from caring excessive about what others considered my parenting.

[19:50] – Sissy feels that moms are too difficult on themselves nowadays.

[22:42] – The 5 various kinds of parenting.

[25:49] – Letting your kids experience pain assists develop character and durability in them.

[28:30] – How launching my requirement for control to God assists relieve my stress and anxiety.


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