This Week’s $76 Kroger Shopping Trip (+ what we consumed)

Since we just invested $60 at the supermarket recently, we had some additional in our $70 budget plan to have fun with today. And I utilized it for a couple of stock-up offers + to spend lavishly on steak!

Our overall was $76 for whatever imagined here.

I’ve never ever had Irish Soda Bread previously, however I couldn’t pass it up at $0.99/loaf. I attempted it toasted with butter and it is SO excellent!

The peaches/nectarines were simply $0.97/pound. with the digital discount coupon and we’ve been enjoying them. They are so delicious!

The cheese was on sale for $1.27/bag with the digital discount coupon. And I was thrilled about the cage-free eggs discounted to $0.70/lots!!

We utilized potatoes and cheese we got on sale + hamburger and tomato soup we got discounted + peas we had in the freezer to make a “Shepherd’s Pie” of sorts.

I cleared out the kitchen recently!

It’s so great to have all of it arranged and tidy!

Remember all the pumpkin and chocolate chips I got discounted!

We’ve been caring having Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins today for treats!

And obviously, we had Breakfast for Dinner one night recently utilizing sausage I had actually gotten on sale and frozen some time back.

Kierstyn and Silas made Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for a treat recently, too.

I haven’t actually had the ability to stand salads just recently, so I’ve been getting innovative with lunches.


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