TikTok Allows 10-Minute Videos Now: The New TikTok Update

TikTok revealed this month that it’s upgrading the optimum length of videos on its platform from 3 minutes to 10. Sophia Cohen, Head of Influencer Marketing at Moburst, talks about a few of the current modifications made to the TikTok platform. 

What Is the Big TikTok Update?

The upgrade is a huge offer since TikTok has constantly been a short-form video platform – so the concern occurs, is it still?

It appears the choice was made in a quote to enable influencers to produce more thorough vlogs, instead of simply stylish clips, and not need to send their audience in other places for longer material.

How Has the Industry Responded?

The industry-wide agreement about TikTok’s brand-new modification has actually been extremely unfavorable. Change brings with it brand-new metrics, brand-new finest practices, and a shift in technique, so it’s typically welcomed with suspicion.

However, critics feel that even TikTok’s reason for presenting the upgrade confirms their issues – they wish to offer developers the opportunity to produce long-form material, however that interferes with TikTok’s existing (really effective) formula.

The crucial to TikTok’s success up previously depends on the method users are incentivized to consistently rewatch videos on the platform. Whether a particular aspect captured their attention, they missed out on a specific clip, or something entertained them, there’s absolutely nothing to lose from seeing once again offered how brief the videos are.

The stylish videos, from difficulties to equip prepare yourself with me’s (GRWM), motivate users to rewatch them consistently.

The brand-new ten-minute optimum video length will indicate users are less most likely to rewatch TikTok videos, so the big pictures will decrease. Somewhat begrudgingly, the market will need to set brand-new criteria once again.

Why Did TikTok Make This Change?

TikTok exposed that it made the optimum length longer to deal with developers who wish to produce more long-form material. Positively speaking, this uses more area for various kinds of developers and various designs of material.

For example, physical fitness trainers will now have the ability to produce ten-minute, full-body exercise sessions rather of fast three-minute ab exercises. Or, style stylists will have the ability to assist individuals through a week’s worth of attire instead of a day.

As an outcome, these developers will no longer need to reroute their audience in other places, such as on YouTube, which they’ve been providing for a long time. Consequently, TikTok is asserting itself as a direct rival of YouTube, while using developers the opportunity to keep all of their material centralized in one location.

There’s no rejecting that TikTok is attempting to generate income from the app a lot more by providing both customers and developers an additional function that avoids the requirement for YouTube video “trailers” rerouting TikTok fans to longer-form material there.

Is There a Solution to Make This Update Better Received by the Industry?

Well, a concept Moburst has actually checked out is whether TikTok might move its long-form videos to a devoted area of the app that’s different from the For You page.

Or, the service might even be as basic as including a filter to enable users to pick the optimum length of videos they desire. This would likewise offer developers information on what length videos users in fact choose.

With either of these techniques, the long-form videos won’t disrupt the hectic nature of the For You page if users don’t desire them to. This would be the very best method to keep the TikTok dynamic as near what individuals presently understand and like.

After all, isn’t among the primary factors individuals utilize TikTok (instead of another social networks platform) for its short-form video material?

TikTok has actually been the market leader in this world, to the point where almost every other platform has actually tried to copy it, such as Instagram with Reels or YouTube with Shorts. Reels exceed all other Instagram functions, which recommends TikTok’s visiting a comparable pattern.

At completion of the day, you’ve got to have faith this will be managed effectively considered that it’s TikTok, and, well, that promotes itself.

However, Moburst can’t assist however question that without adhering to simply brief videos, fast patterns, bite-sized material, and whatever else tailored towards keeping individuals scrolling – will TikTok keep its top-tier status?


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