Top 28 Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK [2022]

Finding a digital marketing firm you can rely on is no mean accomplishment.

We understand.

We’ve been around given that 2006 and have actually seen numerous firms come onto the scene, and, in a great deal of cases, go.

Not us however. We’re pleased to be able to state that over 62% of our customers have actually been with us for 3 years or more and of those, 38% have actually patronized for over 6 years.

Even those that leave, frequently return as soon as they’ve attempted other firms.

So, we feel we’re well put to provide our viewpoint and produce this list of the very best digital marketing firms in the UK.

The digital marketing market is extremely competitive. According to, there are 7,227 Digital Advertising Agencies in the UK since 2022, a boost of 5.8% from 2021. Because of the competitive nature of the sector, firms will in some cases guarantee anything in order to get your company. But it’s important to be able to translucent these ‘guarantees’. Whether you’re a start-up or a widely known brand name you are worthy of to deal with the very best in business.

So continued reading to have a look at our list of the leading full-service digital marketing firms, SEO firms, pay per click firms, material marketing, digital PR and more.

What Makes a Top Digital Marketing Agency?

A leading digital marketing firm in our view is one that has the experience, shown outcomes, and strolls the walk. An organization that practices what they preach. That is devoted to their customers, their group, and the wider market.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency?

When choosing to employ a firm there are a myriad of things to think about and as there are many out there, it can be challenging to guarantee you discover the very best one. We composed a guide on How To Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency and although this was for building and construction services the bottom lines still stand. Let’s wrap-up:

Make Sure They Fit Your Requirement and Budget

Ask yourself what it is that you’d like to attain and what level of financial investment you can make. This will guarantee you don’t lose your time speaking with firms who either don’t provide the services you’re trying to find or will run out your budget plan. Look at whether they have experience with comparable services and inquire about their typical size customer.

Check That They Practice What They Preach

Do they stroll the walk?

Check out the sites of firms you’re thinking about. The website needs to have a routinely inhabited blog site, case research studies, clear style, and navigation, along with ideal calls to action. Remember you’re trying to find a firm that can market itself well, as you desire them to market your company likewise.

Check the length of time they’ve stayed in business.

Digital Marketing firms appear, left, right and centre all the time. You wish to guarantee you’re going to be dealing with a genuine, reputable firm. When you have a look at their site, guarantee they include an address, a customer list, and case research studies. If this info isn’t readily available, then leave.


What’s Their Experience?

Many firms state they are digital professionals when they have valuable little experience. Maybe they have actually been a service consultancy or standard PR firm however have actually just recently taken the chance to market themselves as a digital firm. Many of these kinds of firms regrettably do not have the abilities to be able to support you effectively.

A digital marketing firm that has actually been concentrated on digital for more than 15 years will have a remarkable quantity of experience and is plainly doing a fantastic task for their customers as otherwise, they wouldn’t still be around. Try and discover a service that has durability, and excellent evaluations and will gladly provide reviews or links to case research studies.

Do They Have Sector-Specific Experience?

Following on from the above, the next apparent thing is their accomplishments. Check out the firm’s case research studies. Look at whether they’ve got experience in your field, what size customers they deal with, and if they comprehend your market.

Having dealt with other brand names in a comparable sector or with a comparable design of company (e.g. franchises or multi-location services) suggests they comprehend a few of the concerns distinct to your market. They will likewise have concepts on what has actually operated in the past.

It shouldn’t, nevertheless, always be a deal-breaker. An firm without any customers which would be rivals of yours might be a good idea and they’ll bring a fresh set of eyes, so it’s not constantly a bad thing, however you must ask what actions they would require to end up being a professional in time.

Check What’s Included

All firms need to offer is their time and abilities. For this factor, many firms deal with a time-based design. In basic terms, this suggests you spend for the time they invest in your company. This is usually computed as a particular variety of retainer days monthly.

The firm will exercise, based upon the level of financial investment you have readily available, what can be done within the time, and their suggestions for what will supply the very best outcomes and the top priority order, to assist you reach your specified goals. You must have the ability to comprehend the resultant roadmap and what and when jobs will be done.

That stated, an excellent firm needs to likewise be versatile. And have the ability to change based upon the requirements of your company, the wider landscape, and [the many] Google algorithm updates.

It is fairly simple to identify low-grade firms by means of their prices. If a firm charges a low cost compared to the marketplace, possibilities are their outcomes will be bad too.

If you consider it, it makes ideal sense. Lower costs imply lower margins, so there’s less effort, and less financial investment in training and tools, and this will lead to a lower competent group.

To provide you a standard, each year a report is provided by Benchpress this offers a summary of the marketplace averages that firms are charging. In the last report we saw, the typical day rate for firms was in between £750 and £950. Koozai beings in the mid-range of that. If the firm you’re talking to is outside this variety then we’d recommend there might be a factor for that.

The agreement the firm products must likewise describe what is consisted of in the basic month-to-month retainer. This must be as clear as possible. E.G: it is normal for firms to charge for at any time invested in a customer account; this consists of conferences and reporting, travel and telephone call, along with the digital marketing work itself. Any leading digital marketing firm will make this clear.
So, if you can’t see this, inquire about it. You can be sure it will be charged in some way, it simply depends upon whether they’re in advance about it or camouflage it somewhere else.

The Level of Commitment

You likewise require to consider your level of dedication. Do you have somebody readily available to be the point of contact and who is senior enough to be able to provide the firm the info they need?
In order for any firm to do the very best of their capability, they need clear comms and routine precise feedback on sales or lead quality. This is specifically real when there is no automatic software application or information to supply this. You require to consider who will be accountable for interacting this feedback and how often. If you cannot supply this, then the firm will be running in a vacuum. As an example, the firm might be seeing information that reveals they are supplying a customer with enhancing lead volumes and thinking they are on the ideal track. However, the leads the customer is seeing might not be an excellent fit or the quality they are trying to find. If the firm is not offered this info, they’ll be uninformed that they require to change their targeting.

Another factor to consider is whether you wish to partner with a firm for a short-term job or on a retainer for instance.
This is necessary as some firms specialise in tasks, and when it pertains to retainers, are less acquainted with what it requires to keep the deal with track, fresh, and supplying outcomes.

Likewise, what are the retainer terms, and does this match your dedication level? A great deal of firms will connect you into a 12-month retainer with a 30-day notification duration. Meaning if you don’t notify in those 1 month, you’re incorporated for another 12 months.

Reputable firms understand their work and results promote themselves therefore don’t require prolonged 12-month agreements. They will integrate in notification durations, to safeguard both the customer and themselves, to guarantee there is time to bind and turn over the account expertly if required, however this is usually 90 days on a rolling basis. Meaning at any point you can notify and be launched from the agreement within 90 days.

Fit and Fun

Please keep in mind, we’d hope you’re going to be working straight with your selected firm for a long time. So, pick sensibly. Make sure that as a firm their culture is an excellent fit with yours. Ideally, you wish to discover a firm with comparable worths. Also think about if they appear like they’re having a good time and enjoy their work – if they do, then the possibilities are that they work well as a group and will work well together with you too.

If it assists there are a variety of concerns in this blog site that we recommend you ask a potential firm, ideally, you’ll discover them all helpful.

So, now you understand what to think about and search for in a leading digital marketing firm, let’s have a look at our run-down of the very best digital marketing firms you might partner with here in the UK.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK

1. Koozai

While you might believe this prejudiced, we have the ability to support this claim by means of the outcomes we’ve attained for the customers we’ve dealt with, the awards we’ve won, and the calibre of brand names we’ve represented.

We’re a results-driven, acclaimed digital marketing firm that’s been around given that 2006.

And we punch well above our weight.

Evidenced by the truth we have and continue to deal with a few of the UK’s many identified brand.

However, whether it’s a little start-up or a home name, we just deal with brand names our company believe in.

At Koozai, we integrate our years of experience with technical knowledge, search information, and imagination to catapult brand names up the rankings. Ensuring they get discovered and assisting them utilize digital marketing to attain their company objectives.

We actually be familiar with your company, what you do, how you offer, to whom, and what the particular concerns are for your specific niche. Then we utilize all of this understanding to assist do your digital, much better.

We think that by having actually one merged group that includes professionals in each discipline we can all interact and each channel’s activities will increase the effect of the others. Aside from this, handling numerous various firms is a headache and can lead to the firms all drawing in different instructions and their conflicting goals suggesting that you never ever in fact get anywhere.

At Koozai we provide the following services:

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not, as some recommend a dark art. Or even magic. At Koozai, we do SEO without the secret and waffle.

We concentrate on the core aspects every company requires:

  • An boost in exposure, and
  • More traffic

In order to provide you more sales or queries.

Hundreds, possibly countless individuals are looking for your product and services every day.

The problem is, they can’t discover you. We can assist to increase your exposure.

And if you’re not on page 1 of Google then you’re losing out on 99% of individuals. As just 1% surpass page 1. With Koozai you won’t require to issue yourself with this fact. We can both create more traffic and increase your natural direct exposure on Google, which will, in turn, lead to more profits and more queries.

Our results-focused SEO professionals bring experience and proficiency to your company, making us the perfect partner to assist your company get seen and discovered on online search engine. Talk is low-cost though, so check out our outcomes for Papa Johns here.

Paid Media

As a leading paid media firm, we’ve won numerous awards for our paid media services. This is since we get you the conversions and return on advertisement invest that you require by means of paid search and paid social projects throughout platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Insta, and ConnectedIn.

We’ve been concentrating on paid given that 2006 (ancient, we understand!) so we understand that without skilled management of your paid advertisements, you’ll have difficulty targeting your perfect consumers efficiently and driving affordable conversions.

We’re an authorities Google Partner and knowledgeable paid media professionals. We’ve dealt with numerous customers on their paid projects. You can see an example of our success for Stannah raises here.

Content Marketing

We’re an enthusiastic lot here at Koozai, with a style for developing exceptional material methods. Our group assists our customers to cut through the sound and make their mark. But constantly whilst considering your marketing objectives. Be that traffic, brand name acknowledgment, leads, search efficiency, or engagement.

Over the years, we’ve acquired a credibility for wonderful outcomes. We guarantee we listen and comprehend your specific requirements. Then we provide a bespoke material technique that will assist catapult you towards your objectives. Much like we provided for our customer, Boring Money.

Digital PR

We work carefully with the media as part of our day-to-day activities. This supplies us with direct insight which lets us produce amazing digital PR projects which we understand will get you traction in the media you wish to be seen. Like all our services at Koozai, we take a bespoke method. We’ll guarantee your project is relevant however likewise attains your company objectives and drives outcomes. You can see on your own here how we assisted our customer MyHealthcare Clinic.

Web Design & Development

Us Koozians aren’t simply digital marketer. We likewise supply site style and advancement services. We think having a protected, easy to use, and interesting site is one vital part of the digital marketing mix.

Whether it’s enhancing site speed, increasing your rankings on Google, or increasing conversions, financial investment in a fantastic site can repay sometimes over. Our site advancement professionals will ensure your website is developed with your particular company requirements in mind.

So, if you desire a leading digital marketing firm that is results-driven, has actually shown success, and is a friendly lot too, then drop us a line to see how we can assist you.

 Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can assist

Top Full-Service Agencies in the UK

Aside from Koozai, there are numerous other full-service firms that we’ve consisted of in this list, and for excellent factor. Read on to discover more:

2. Aira

Set up in 2015, this Milton Keynes based firm takes a cohesive method through thoroughly collaborated cross-channel efforts and groups. Offering services in SEO, paid media, digital PR, material marketing, and incoming marketing, co-founders Paddy & Matt have an excellent pedigree and in addition to their group have actually dealt with brand names such as Veriff, Just Tyres, Post Beyond and Work Buzz

3. Red Hot Penny

These people are a self-styled consumer acquisition firm. As part of The PHA Group, they are a business of skilled individuals with a performance history of attaining outcomes and favorable results. Their knowledgeable and expert group supplies a genuinely custom service for a variety of customer and business customers throughout PR, SEO, Paid Search, Content, and Social Media. Including names such as Needle & Thread, World of Wallpaper, and La Perla

4. Digital 24

Digital 24 was established by acclaimed digital online marketer Niamh Taylor. A Northern Irish firm, with workplaces in Belfast and Omagh, they integrate Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising, Organic Social, Content Marketing, and Conversion Optimisation to get the optimum worth from your budget plan. Clients who have actually done simply that consist of Colinwell, Belfast Skin Clinic, Irish Greyhound Board, and the Titanic Suites.

5. Embryo

Embryo was established in 2015 as a service that was extremely familiar with the requirement for a business that might spearhead development, development, and advancement. In simply a couple of brief years, the business, powered by some amazing skill, has actually done simply that for customers such as Parking Eye, I Saw it First, and Burgess.

6. Clarity

Part of a big global firm group, Clarity has a group that can utilize the complete breadth of marketing interactions tools to assist you reach your aspirations. Clarity assists you provide a “connected” technique to construct your organisation’s credibility, deepen relationships and eventually increase your profits. Just like they’ve provided for Fit Trak, This Girl Can, Falmouth University, and ReeVoo.

Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK

Digital PR cannot be ignored when it pertains to its significance to your digital marketing. It is very crucial in the mix. A variety of firms, Koozai consisted of, have professionals in their full-service groups. The following firms are all likewise doing a remarkable task.

7. Rise at Seven

No leading digital PR firms list would be total without Rise at Seven. Run by Stephen and Carrie, they are a group of international Digital PRs (with workplaces in the UK, United States, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands) that integrate search need, media significance, imagination, and material marketing to produce stories worth speaking about and connecting to. They carry out projects, reactive newsjacking, information research studies, item PR, trending stories, brand-new item launches, and stunts for huge customers like Boo Hoo,, Next Vacay, and Pretty Little Thing.

8. Impression

Impression positions itself as the tactical partner to the world’s most interesting and hopeful brand names. They are Digital Growth Specialists assisting enthusiastic brand names like Paul Camper, Cuckooland, Teemill, and Mollie, push borders and drive effect.

9. Kaizen

Kaizen partners with international brand names such as Savoo, DirectlyApply, Peldon Roase, and CCleaner to provide engaging digital experiences that engage audiences and grow services.

10. JBH

As a digital PR firm with an international reach, JBH works carefully with brand names in the UK, United States, Australia, and Europe to increase brand name exposure in the SERPs — all the time driving pertinent traffic, constructing brand name awareness, and improving trustworthiness. Clients they’ve dealt with consist of: Preply, Affise, Delamare, and

11. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence thinks that when you wish to make an effect in the online world, you can’t pay for to let your search marketing efforts fail. You require to continuously adjust and enhance your projects, turning your brand name from forgettable into unsurpassable. Something they’ve provided for Heart & Paw, Bakers Dolphin, and Smart hosting.

12. Reboot

Reboot has a technique to internet marketing that enables them to strike the ideal balance in between creativity and technical understanding. Over the years they have actually likewise established a strong Digital PR procedure. Their internal methods enable them to land protection for customers such as, 2K, and Lottie.

Top SEO Agencies in the UK

The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Display Ads

For several years SEO was viewed as a mystical discipline. These days countless firms proclaim to be able to do SEO. Alas, numerous likewise fall well except finest practices. Koozai has actually been doing SEO given that 2006 and as an outcome, understands that these firms actually understand their craft.

13. SEO Works

The SEO Works has actually grown a credibility for providing concrete outcomes and fantastic customer care. They assistance customers such as the University of Birmingham, Kantar Health, Faber, and the Bill Plant Driving School get more consumers from search, winning awards for their work along the method.

14. The Good Marketer

Unlike other prominent digital marketing firms in London, they’re not searching down huge corporations. They wish to deal with small companies like String Ting, Canopy Plants, Kavee Cages and Relco London. They concentrate on working as an extension of the customer group and being familiar with business and audience to guarantee they comprehend what actually matters.

15. Click Slice

These folks focus simply on SEO. They deal with brand names such as Dejex, Recipe, and Ceres, utilizing their data-driven procedures to supply outcomes.

16. Exposure Ninja

This SEO firm is consumed with a favorable effect on their customers, coworkers, neighborhoods, and world. They utilize their make money from dealing with brand names such as Black Orchid Gifts, Aesthetics Clinic, Master the Curriculum, and Regain Hearing, to money tasks that empower and supply education to others.

17. Hallam Internet

Hallam Internet is a tactical digital marketing firm. They seek to fuse accuracy with persuasion to attain exceptional outcomes for enthusiastic brand names. Brands they’ve done this for consist of Orgvue, Ready Steady Store, Manage at Home, and Internet Reptile.

18. Blue Array

They do SEO, and absolutely nothing however SEO. That’s since they wish to focus all their energy on doing SEO as remarkably as they can. Which they provide for customers like Click Mechanic, Encore, Floom, and Hey Car.

Top Content Marketing Agencies in the UK

19. Pull The Pin

One of our preferred firms. These people are nestled in the centre of Birmingham and have actually brought the world of digital technique and imaginative material together with tested approaches of concentrated targeting and quantifiable success. They’ve supplied digital & video production services for customers such as Idex, Pay Escape, Ingeous, and Leon.

20. Digital Litmus

They are a B2B material marketing firm that constructs audiences and converts potential customers. They pride themselves on developing genuine, informative, and interesting material to grow your company. Something they’ve provided for brand names like YuLife, Spektrix, Arch Over, and Isams.

21. Gravity Global

Started life as a Norwich firm called Further, which was gotten by Gravity Global. Clients consist of Snap, WaterLogic, and the Norwich University of the Arts.

22. Digitaloft

As an expert material marketing firm, the group here concentrates on assisting customers own the very best material on the site for your company. They produce material for customers such as Inkifi, Veygo, and Kitchen Knives, either for them to rank in the online search engine or to acquire links.

Top Paid Media Agencies in the UK

Paid Media can cover a variety of aspects. Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, Shopping, and Remarketing are simply a few of the services which Koozai uses in this regard. These firms are all likewise professionals in paid disciplines.

23. Pole Star Digital

Another of our preferred firms. Pole Star deals with brand names like Cotton & Cologne, Tens, Børsen, and the Hay Group, providing them high-performing, smart, data-driven digital marketing options.

24. Found

Found is a London digital marketing firm specialising in pay per click. They underpin their activity by concentrating on wise information. Working with brand names like Napier, Marley, and Today Tix, their group of channel professionals, development partners and information researchers considerably enhance online efficiency.

25. Damteq

Their group of commercially mindful style and development marketing professionals supplies an extensive end-to-end service for business like Aqua, Degree Skin Clinic, and Viking Extrusions, who wish to grow efficiently, realistically, and dependably.

Other Top Agencies

There are likewise firms that we encounter who specialise in particular sectors or on something specific niche.
Three examples of these follow.

26. Polka Dot Data

If analytics is your requirement, then Anna and her group at Polka Dot are your go-to. They think in speaking plain English. No lingo, no hoodwinking with huge words, and no confusion. Just superior Google Analytics and Tag Manager information you can rely on and useful assistance to drive the sales results you desire. Something which their customers like Traeger, Cooks Academy, The Folio Society, and Dobell have actually experienced.

27. PushON

PushON is an acclaimed full-service eCommerce firm that supplies a total series of web advancement and marketing services. Si and his group produce sites utilizing the most effective open-source platforms, to press customers’ sales. Brands they’ve dealt with consist of Silver Cross, Medline, Herdy, and Brandon Hire Station.

28. RE:signal

They drive natural development for enthusiastic eCommerce brand names. Using the crucial natural development chauffeurs of technical SEO, on-site material, and link credibility to assist enhance their customers’ natural efficiency. Brands for whom they’ve done simply that consist of Reformation, Oka, and Loop earplugs.

Why Work With among the Best Digital Marketing Agencies?

If you wish to attain fantastic things with your brand name, then you might do even worse than have a look at a few of the firms on this list.
If you are a one-man band or have an internal marketing group, much of these firms will act as an extension of that. Their access to tools and training suggests they can actually support you with data-led insights that will assist accelerate enhancements.

So there you have it, our round-up of the very best digital marketing firms in the UK. We hope you’ve discovered something or somebody who fits your requirements.

If you wish to have a chat with us about how we might partner with you and make your company grow, then please simply drop us a line. We enjoy to talk and go over how we’d have the ability to assist.

 Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can assist

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