LEADING 5 DEXs in 2022

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are moving into DeFi. It’s a great alternative to be the one who handles your digital capital and at the very same time deals with every choice. That’s why it’s essential to  select the most trustworthy platform with practical conditions. So let’s observe the leading 5 DEXs, presently running, and after that compare their deals and abilities.


In a nutshell

Uniswap is a DEX based upon the Ethereum network to switch ERC20 tokens. The 3rd variation of Uniswap was introduced on 5 might 2021. The highlight – brand-new AMM provides a possibility to switch tokens individually from the orders.


Thanks to the brand-new kind of AMM – “Constant Product Market Maker Model” – it is possible to transfer any token in Uniswap by moneying it with Ethereum. Only easy actions: produce a brand-new Uniswap wise agreement and make a brand-new liquidity swimming pool with simply $10 in ETH and $10 token you want to trade.

You don’t require to sign up or pass the confirmation system. To gain access to exchange deals you must simply set up and link your Ethereum wallet.


Uniswap established its own token – UNI. With the start of the crypto winter season UNI fell by 83%. And most likely it’s the worst outcome among DEXs native tokens.

For the last 2 months Uniswap TVL has actually fallen from $8,17b to $5,16b. And the indication continues slowly reducing.

Uniswap is based upon Ethereum. And that’s why regardless of the relatively low common Uniswap cost (around 0,3%) there are likewise the network gas costs for each deal.

For whom?

Uniswap appropriates for those who choose farming on the Ethereum network and for those who wish to couple with an unusual coin. However, the native Uniswap token does disappoint itself as a great staking chance compared to some other alternatives on the list.


In a nutshell

Nomiswap is a brand-new fast-growing DEX that has actually made its name with the very best recommendation program.

The launch remained in January 2022. The rate of this coin instantly leapt by 95%.


Another function is cashback. The deal costs return to the users as its native token – NMX. In reality, you will immediately return as much as 100% of the trading cost depending upon your farming level.

Holder perk is instantly accumulated daily in the type of extra NMX tokens to each user who is associated with individual farming, depending upon its period. Holder perk is credited to all farmers on the basis of the funds invested.

When BTC rate throughout the crypto winter season has actually fallen by 69% and BNB token has actually visited 63%, NMX token has actually lost just 48%. Quite an appealing one.

  • One of the very best APY on the marketplace

Nomiswap provides outstanding farming and staking efficiency thanks to practical farming/staking and among the very best APR on the marketplace. Thus you have actually increased success for making passive earnings.

Some examples of Nomiswap APR at the time of publication:

  • NMX/USDT: ~ 144%
  • NMX/BNB: ~ 131%
  • NMX/BUSD: ~ 144%
  • Staking NMX: ~ 91%
  • ETC/BUSD: ~ 34%
  • BNB/USDT: ~ 18%
  • ETH/BTCB: ~10%
  • TVL boost

Only 4 months back, TVL of Nominex Ecosystem totaled up to $40M dollars, now it is $87M dollars. There has to do with $8M in staking.

Whatsmore, just recently Nomiswap has actually entered into the top-5 Dexes by TVL in the BSC network ranked by DeFi Llama and with confidence remains in top-40 amongst all DEXes by trade volume at Coinmarketcap.

Nomiswap environment offers an endless recommendation system with 4 recommendation benefits.

Rewards for activity of your own recommendations:

  1. Own recommendations farming – you get from 5% to 10% of the quantity of NMX farmed by recommendations
  2. Own recommendations trading – you get from 10% to 20% of any trading expenditures of recommendations

And benefits for activity of your entire recommendation structure:

  1. Team farming – you get from 5% to 10% of the quantity of NMX farmed by your entire group
  2. Team trading – you get from 5% to 10% of the quantity of trading costs paid by your entire group
  • Backed by Nominex environment

Nominex + Nomiswap environment represents CeDeFi type. It offers you a possibility to move all benefits from Nominex (central exchange) to Nomiswap (decentralized one) and vice versa. From November of in 2015, Nominex ended up being an authorities Binance broker.

Developers concentrated on making the website user interface as intuitively easy to understand as possible. There is no requirement to register – simply link your wallet.

Nomiswap group has actually gone through CertiK’s KYC procedure, which indicates that crucial staff member have actually been confirmed with ID and liveness checks and a brief examination into the task and group was performed.


  • Rapidly establishing, however still middle-size

Nomiswap still just supports Binance Smart Chain and has simply one Launchpool.

For whom?

Nomiswap is fantastic for users who are trying to find a rewarding platform for farming, as it has the greatest APR on the marketplace for typical swimming pools. It is likewise among the very best alternatives for trading as there are no commissions. And the native token is revealing itself as a steady coin for long-lasting financial investment.



Jokes actually matter

Based on the Uniswap design and introduced in 2020, Pancakeswap has an extremely charming style, however likewise it is among the most popular DEX. It gets along with countless BEP-20 tokens.


  • Suitable for active users

Pancakeswap offers functions like a selection of yield farms, a Binance Coin forecast market, a lotto video game, preliminary farm offerings, an NFT market.

Most most likely users like this exchange for the numerous chances that it offers.

On a PancakeSwap, you will pay 0.25% commission on any trade. 0.17% go back to Liquidity Pools, 0.03% sent out to the Treasury and 0.05% burn.

PancakeSwap provides fantastic farming alternatives. Pairs with the very best APR are:

  • CAKE/BNB: ~ 20.38%
  • SDAO/BUSD: ~ 62.42%
  • MIX/BUSD: ~ 55.79%
  • GMI-BNB: ~ 70%


Unfortunately, because the start of the crypto winter season, CAKE has actually lost 85% in worth.  On November 21, its expense reached $20, and now it changes around $3.

Pancakeswap users typically grumble about rip-offs.  Since it is extremely simple to include a brand-new token to the platform, rip-offs are extremely typical on Pancakeswap, for instance, those which forbid the sale of tokens in a clever agreement. Therefore, pancakeswap should be utilized extremely thoroughly

For whom?

This platform is actually a delicious breeze for positive users who currently have BEP-20 tokens and who desire not just to trade, however to take part in some lottery game or forecasts and to handle&trade NFTs too.


In a nutshell

Curve was produced as the very first procedure to handle inadequacies in stablecoin trading – among the standard aspects of DeFi. It was introduced in Jan 2020.


  • Liquidity surveys stability

When a user deposits their tokens into a swimming pool, therefore providing liquidity to it, these tokens instantly switch into numerous tokens, according to the requirements of the swimming pool’s stability. See, to show a point, you can transfer 1000 DAI and get 500 USDT, 324 USDC, 150 TUSD and 26 DAI. These figures are never ever steady as individuals trade or deposit/withdraw funds.

The algorithm that is utilized to carry out trading on the platform is created for stablecoins. It includes low commission costs and very little rate slippage.

This exchange offers a large range of methods to farm and trade. The platform works on 4 blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and xDAI Chain.

On Curve you can link Trezor, Ledger, Dapper and a lots of others, while other exchanges mainly support 2 or 3 wallets.


Сurve has an actually complicated user interface, which the designers themselves confess. In order to in some way browse it, you require to comprehend extremely well the concepts of operation of credit swimming pools and wise agreements.

Two months back Curve TVL was $19,85b and now it is $5,84b. The indication had 2 progressive decreases throughout this duration.

At the start of this year CRV reached its peak – $6,8, and now it’s $1, which is 85% lower.

Otherwise, CRV can be utilized for ballot, staking and improving.

Curve is fantastic for users with the most requiring requirements, however it comes at the expense of ease of usage. Despite the a great deal of chances for farming and trading, the user interface is a huge minus for the exchange.


In a nutshell

dYdX DEX is bound by the Ethereum blockchain, produced in 2017. It is among the most popular margin trading platforms bringing monetary tools from trust markets to the blockchain world.


  • Notable set of monetary instruments

There are following crucial instruments:

  • perpetuals;
  • margin;
  • area trading;
  • financing and loaning.
  • No limitations

Loans and loanings lack constraint of terms and minimums. And what’s more – users can trade with as much as 25x take advantage of.

  • Has an exchanched function too

dYdX utilizes the off-chain order books design.

  • Quite friendly commission politics

The dYdX exchange runs on a taker/maker cost design.

The base maker cost is 0.02% and the taker cost is 0.05%, and is just charged on filled orders.

DYDX holders get a discount rate on trading costs based upon their holdings.

Also, you do not require to spend for gas when trading perpetuals or switching supported possessions.


With the start of crypto winter season DYDX has actually fallen by 88% and now it is $2,05.

  • Not so simple for novices

In order to get passive interest earnings, a user contributes his/her possessions to particular swimming pools (each possession has a financing swimming pool corresponding just to it). So a user ends up being a loan provider and after that can obtain possessions from this swimming pool.

To obtain funds from a specific swimming pool, you require to make a deposit. The excess security procedure is utilized to secure versus dangerous loans. Therefore, the preliminary margin ratio must be at least 125%.

For whom?

This platform will be comfy for a knowledgeable DeFi user, who likes danger and who chooses the order book design rather of AMM.

The outcomes

Different exchanges for the requirements of various users. Pancakeswap, for instance, highlights friendly style and uncommon functions, such as a lottery game. Uniswap appropriates for those who continue trading on the Ethereum network, Curve is for individuals who value the variety of chances used by the platform, and Nomiswap is ideal for those who choose hassle-free trading, value the lack of commissions and high farming apr.


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