Trading Boring Empty Prayer for Real Connection (a podcast with Addison Bevere)

Okay, complete disclosure: I’d never ever become aware of Addison Bevere up until his publisher connected and asked if he might be on my podcast. I did some research study and was so pleased with what I discovered, that I stated yes. And I’m so grateful I did due to the fact that I was definitely blessed by the time I got to invest with him.

Not just did he share a lot knowledge on our podcast episode, however I liked being familiar with him more in our discussions prior to and after we taped. He was so simple and I would have never ever understood that he was leading this big company had I not kept asking concern after concern up until he lastly shared more!

Addison is the author of a brand name brand-new book entitled Words with God: Trading Boring, Empty Prayer for Real Connection. In this episode, we speak about maturing with moms and dads who were both public figures, what his moms and dads succeeded and what he wanted they had actually done distinction, the distinction in between doubt and shock, why prayer matters and how it may be various than what you believe it appears like, and how it can affect and affect our every day life.

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In This Episode

[01:05] – Learn about today’s visitor, Addison Bevere.

[03:22] – Addison offers examples of things his moms and dads succeeded and things he believed they might have done much better.

[05:15] – Hear more about Addison’s moms and dads and his childhood.

[06:32] – Humility produces security.

[07:07] – Why Addison composed his brand-new book and how essential silence is when it concerns prayer.

[16:14] – The various kinds of prayer.

[20:30] – What does prayer appear like for Addison in his every day life?

[22:54] – Addison offers us examples of useful prayers.

[26:32] – How can we recognize whose voice we’re hearing when we listen?

[28:30] – Addison determines how having words with God has actually been handy to him.


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