Trump Is Now Selling His Own Superhero NFTs

Look what individuals endure to remain pertinent. One method to do it, in today’s society, is to enter the tech bandwagon, like the so-called NFTs.

If it ever crossed your mind to invest a long time off at a chic resort and nationwide historical landmark in Palm Beach, Florida and have a tete-a-tete with a previous American president, then this is your possibility.

But initially, you will require to purchase an NFT at $99. What type of NFT, you might ask? A Donald Trump NFT!

Now, hang on a minute. Isn’t this the exact same fella who stated Bitcoin is a fraud? Yup, he is.

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Former United States President Donald Trump, who as soon as had a low viewpoint on cryptocurrencies and explained them as possibly “a disaster waiting to happen” made what he called an “important announcement” on Thursday.

“Hello, everyone this is Donald Trump, hopefully your favorite president of all time,” the previous United States leader in chief stated in a marketing video.

“Better than Lincoln, better than Washington, with an important announcement,” it included.

Trump Superhero NFTs Unveiled On His Own Social App

Trump required to his Truth Social app today to tease the launch of NFTs including the property magnate in numerous attires and unusual dream circumstances, like a Trump-branded “Superman” match while letting loose a lethal beam of heat from his eyes.

To go to a “gala dinner” with Trump in Florida, all individuals need to do is purchase 45 Trump Digital Trading Cards, and they’re “assured” a seat. However, the site for the effort makes it clear that the winners are accountable for their own transport and real estate expenses (what a disappointment).

“Here’s one of the best parts,” Trump states in the discount video. Each NFT card includes an automated possibility to win incredible rewards, “like dinner with me!”

Now, some individuals might question what the subject would resemble throughout supper:

Ask the previous Oval Office renter if he believes Boris Johnson’s hairdo is more hip than his?

Or, if being represented as Deadpool in his NFT project would have been more apt? (Wasn’t all this expected to be simply a joke? No?)

Crypto overall market cap at $808 billion. | Chart:

On Jokes, NFTs & Crypto Destroying The World

Seriously now.

Trump can’t be that broke to be shilling NFTs. No. We may have an idea what they are for. And he’s taking another fracture at the presidency. NFTs are a fantastic method to captivate the masses and he’s got his own social app to offer the drama. Go figure.

So, this man with the white pompadour stated he doesn’t believe “we should have all of the Bitcoins in the world out there” which “the currency should be the dollar” shouldn’t be taken seriously now, should it?

People alter their mind which’s his right.

Meanwhile, Trump states his NFTs “make a great gift this Christmas,” and he accepts charge card payments and Ethereum.

Crypto is a fraud and a disaster waiting to occur.

Yeah, right.

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