Twitter states rate limitations were to assist prevent bots, couple of users impacted

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Recent use limitations on Twitter were carried out to “detect and eliminate bots and other bad actors,” the business stated Tuesday, including that just a “small percentage” of users are presently impacted.

“To ensure the authenticity of our user base we must take extreme measures to remove spam and bots from our platform,” Twitter stated in a blog post. “Any advance notice on these actions would have allowed bad actors to alter their behavior to evade detection.”

The business stated the actions are meant to avoid accounts from scraping users’ public information to develop expert system designs and from controling usage of the platform.

Twitter owner Elon Musk revealed the limitations on Saturday, stating users would just be allowed to check out a particular variety of posts daily due to “extreme levels of data scraping” and “system manipulation.”

Twitter billed the constraints as short-lived, and they were tiered based upon a user’s confirmation status on the platform. The upgrade came as numerous Twitter users experienced mistake messages when attempting to access the platform.

“Currently, the restrictions affect a small percentage of people using the platform, and we will provide an update when the work is complete. As it relates to our customers, effects on advertising have been minimal,” Twitter stated Tuesday.


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