Want to make a distinction in the lives of kids in South Africa?

If you’ve followed here for some time, you understand how enthusiastic I have to do with South Africa and the ministry there (Take Action Ministry) that you all assist to money by visiting this website regularly (thank you a lot!)

Take Action Ministry is a signed up non-profit company based in South Africa and run by the residents there. They have 17 various Partner Centres that reach a few of the most susceptible kids there — numerous who originate from child-headed families. The Centres offer food, tutoring, and a safe location for kids to go to after school (or throughout school for the young children and children). Most of all, they teach kids about Jesus and assist them find out character and a strong work principles.

We’ve gotten to go and go to a number of these Centres and see the work they are doing and hang around with the kids and care-givers. Understanding simply just how much of a distinction they are making is the factor we offer a huge part of our individual earnings to assist money this ministry.

How you can make a distinction in lives of kids in South Africa!

I wished to welcome you to be associated with the work they are doing this Christmas. These 17 Centres reach and effect around 1000 kids and we’d like to partner with Take Action Ministry to offer a little present bag to each of these 1000 kids for Christmas.

Each present bag will consist of a tooth brush, tooth paste, a face fabric, a bar of soap, a little toy, a bundle of sweet, and a stationery pack. I can just picture just how much these kids’s faces are going to illuminate with happiness and pleasure when they recognize they all get their own Christmas present bags!!

Give $10 = Bring So Much Joy to a Child

The present bags will cost $10 each in United States dollars and Take Action Ministry is wanting to raise adequate contributions in the next couple of weeks to purchase 1000 present bags.

Would you hope about contributing $10 (or more!) to offer a present bag for among these kids — and to bring a lot happiness to them this Christmas? Or perhaps your kids wish to develop imaginative methods to generate income to spend for a Christmas bag for a kid in South Africa? I can’t wait to hear what you develop.

Thank you, ahead of time, for becoming part of this unique chance!


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