What is Referral Marketing & How Does it Work?

Referral marketing is the fastest method to grow your organization and get more individuals discussing your brand name. Using a terrific recommendation program assists to develop brand name awareness and is the most reliable method by marketing your organization to clients with shared interests and typical objectives. Referral marketing speeds up word-of-mouth suggestions by allowing clients to inform their good friends about the brand names they utilize while getting rewarded for doing so.

Referral marketing activates your most prominent source of media, your clients. Brands that run reliable recommendation marketing programs have actually reported a 71% greater conversion rate, clients with almost a 60% greater life time worth and around a 70% faster rate at which referred leads transform into pleased clients. Helping to produce extremely certified leads when clients inform their good friends, household, and associates about services or products they’ve utilized and love, individuals they describe are most likely to transform, simply based upon the association.

What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is an efficient method to automate consumer suggestions through benefits and rewards. A recommendation program motivates word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding or incentivising clients that get the word out about your organization or items. Asking existing clients to suggest your organization to their good friends is among the fastest methods to reach more competent leads and grow your organization. And with extremely little marketing effort on your part.

How to Run a Referral Program

A recommendation program provides a simple method for clients to refer brand-new result in brand names and items that they understand and utilize. And, formalizing word-of-mouth marketing utilizing a client recommendation program produces an automatic method for companies to incentivise and benefit clients that suggest their brand name to good friends in their network.

Running a recommendation program is not almost as made complex as one may believe and begins with a clear strategy and results. Whether you wish to grow your organization, reach more clients or produce more sales, your recommendation program need to be developed with a particular objective. By setting your recommendation marketing goals, you have a clearer concept of what kind of recommendation program will assist you to accomplish these objectives and how finest to set about it.

Choose in between running a single-sided or double-sided recommendation program and an overview of how the recommendation program will work, what the reward and or benefit will be and how benefits will be released as soon as your recommendations begin can be found in.

Whether you are intending on establishing an internal recommendation program or developing a no-code recommendation program utilizing recommendation software application, see our list to ensure you are running a recommendation program in the most reliable method possible.

How to Run a Successful Referral Program

  • Build and design your recommendation program to enhance your existing brand name identity and tone – if you don’t have the advancement resources to do this yourself, utilize among the DAN suggested tools noted here.
  • Make sure that the system of your recommendation program supports your clients’ objectives and motivates them to wish to share the deal with their good friends.
  • Make it as simple as possible for existing clients to register and refer their good friends on their favored sharing channels of option.
  • Communicate plainly what clients are anticipated to do and what their good friends will be needed to do to get their recommendation benefit.
  • Make your recommendation program simple to handle by incorporating it with your CRM and other procedures that are currently carried out in your organization.
  • Market your recommendation program to get more users to sign up with and begin referring their good friends by promoting it on as lots of platforms and marketing channels as possible.
  • Encourage your users to keep describing their good friends with well-timed tips and a “scoreboard” of the number of good friends they have actually referred.
  • Update your users when among their recommendations register and thank them for their recommendation.
  • Keep track of who referred who and who requires to be rewarded, being specific that users get their benefits as guaranteed, and on time.
  • Learn from previous success stories whether these are your own or other brand names that have actually run recommendation programs and have actually released case research studies and finest practices on what works well and what doesn’t.
  • If initially, you don’t prosper, attempt and attempt once again. The finest method to discover what works for your consumer and your organization is to keep attempting. From the benefit to the worth and the recommendation tools you utilize; (recommendation) practice makes best.

What’s the Difference Between Referral Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?

So now that we understand what recommendation marketing is and what it requires to run an effective recommendation program, let us comprehend more about affiliate marketing and how it’s various.

Both recommendation marketing and affiliate marketing use a reward and benefit technique to produce brand-new consumer leads and grow income. But the crucial distinction in between the 2 is that affiliate marketing counts on 3rd celebration supporters to motivate brand-new consumer leads. Referral marketing rewards existing clients for referring their good friends to brand names and items they currently utilize.

  • Referral Marketing counts on the relationship in between an organization and its clients and leverages that relationship as a driver to get clients to refer their good friends to attempt the brand name too. Referral marketing success will be mainly identified by the number of clients pick to sign up with and refer their good friends based upon the appeal of the reward, the benefit and how devoted they are to the brand name.
  • Affiliate marketing put in location a paid-for arrangement in between a brand name and an affiliate and what has actually been organized as part of a paid-for–performance-based agreement. Affiliate marketing success will be identified by the reach of the affiliate’s network and the impact they have on their fans.

While recommendation marketing and affiliate marketing share some resemblances, crucial distinctions in between the 2 are identified by the source of the recommendation. And, selecting in between recommendation marketing or affiliate marketing to grow your organization truly comes down to how you wish to reach brand-new clients?

Referral marketing is handled by your internal development, sales or marketing group, currently acquainted with a brand name’s identity, and tone and with a pre-established relationship with a client’s base. In contrast, due to the fact that affiliate marketing includes a 3rd celebration to promote a brand name, affiliate marketing sits rather outside the control of an organization, positioning the message, tone, and sales pitch in the hands of the supporter.

Referral marketing counts on the impact that an existing, pleased consumer has more than their good friends and associates and the worth of the benefit or reward provided to either (or both) celebrations. Referral marketing is specifically reliable when brand names have a recognized and devoted consumer base and the benefit available is extremely searched for.

Affiliate marketing is a legal or paid-for arrangement in between a brand name and a supporter. Because the supporter is thought about a trustworthy and trustworthy source of impact within their network, affiliate marketing is a well-pitched option for brand names seeking to develop a brand-new consumer base or grow one that has actually stagnated.

What Does It Take to Make a Great Referral Program?

With all of the proof pointing towards the lots of reasons every organization worldwide should be utilizing recommendation marketing to grow, how can you ensure you’re running the very best recommendation program for your organization? How do brand names distinguish their recommendation program from their rivals? What elements set one recommendation program apart from others and what do you require to understand to fast-track your recommendation marketing success?

The response is basic… gain from the very best. We’ve all become aware of the recommendation marketing unicorns run by Tesla, Paypal, and Dropbox however let’s take a peek at why these recommendation programs were so effective and how you can gain from them too.

Best Referral Marketing Examples from Popular Brands


Running a comparable design to the very same recommendation marketing success they developed for PayPal, Tesla actually distributed cash to earn money. Offering $1000 for every single effective recommendation, Tesla likewise provided access to special occasions, and a “founder series” Model X.

Here’s why the Tesla recommendation program worked:

  • Tesla offered $1000 to Tesla owners for referring a good friend that followed through to buy a Model S.
  • Their good friends would likewise get $1000 when they made their purchase.

Tesla even more incentivized their recommendation program by upping the stakes;

  • For 5 effective recommendations and fans would get a welcome to the Gigafactory grand opening celebration.
  • For 10 recommendations and fans get the right to buy an unique “founder series” Model X


When PayPal initially introduced, they ran a recommendation program that ended up being so effective they needed to relook the worth of their benefit, not as soon as however two times in order to stay up to date with the development. The initial PayPal recommendation program began as a double-sided benefit system that rewarded users $20 for registering for their service and an extra $20 to anybody else that brand-new users referred. A recommendation program that would go one to obtain PayPal 100 million users, they needed to minimize the initial recommendation benefit to $10 and later on to $5 benefits. The outcomes were so great that PayPal reported a development rate in between 7% and 10%.


Learning from the very same recommendation success that PayPal experienced,  DropBox likewise ran a double-sided recommendation program targeted at rewarding both the user and good friends that they described when registering for their totally free cloud storage.  

Here’s how the recommendation program worked:

  • A brand-new user register to DropBox and is welcomed to refer their good friends to get more information storage.
  • If the user referred a  buddy they would get an extra 500MB of cloud storage. 
  • If the buddy that they referred registered, they too would get an extra 500MB of totally free cloud storage.

Users might go on to describe as lots of good friends as they liked up until their cloud storage reached a limit of 16GB per user. 

The viral DropBox recommendation program assisted this brand-new cloud storage organization accomplish:

  • Growth from 100k Users in Sept 2008 to  4 million users by Dec 2009
  • 3900% development in 15 months
  • Doubled their user base every 3 months for 15 months


It’s safe to state that a few of the fastest-growing brand names worldwide are using recommendation marketing to reach more clients and grow their income. And with a choice of recommendation software application tools to pick from, recommendation marketing is among the most cost-efficient methods to minimize the expense of consumer acquisition, increase the life time worth of your existing clients and develop immediate trust with brand-new leads.

If you haven’t considered beginning your own recommendation program yet, now’s the time to ask yourself why? And with user friendly recommendation software application such as Referral Factory to get your recommendation program up and running in minutes, perhaps you should ask yourself, if not now, then when? 


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