Why the U.S. routes China in phone production

A mobile phone. It’s the most frequently utilized gadget by Americans every day, however domestic tech business do not appear to be buying making these gadgets in your home.

China is the far leader in worldwide production. In a report released by the United Nations, the nation represented 30.5% of worldwide production output in 2021, with the U.S. 2nd at 16.8% and Japan a far-off 3rd, at just 7%. 

Apple is so greatly dependent on China that in 2019 news was dripped on social networks that the iPhone maker was United Airlines’ most significant consumer, with the business acquiring 50 business-class seats daily from San Francisco to Shanghai. 

While lots of tech business have actually chosen to make items abroad, one U.S.-based business is defying traditional knowledge and structure regional.

The start-up is called Purism, and it was established in 2014 by Todd Weaver. In its early days, Purism was supported through crowdfunding efforts. Now, the business has actually broadened to make electronic devices like smart devices. Purism makes the Librem 5 U.S.A. design phone, which is the only mobile phone worldwide with the “Made in USA” stamp. 

Watch the video to get more information about why the U.S. routes China in phone production.


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