Why You Should Read Aloud to Your Kids (with Jennifer Pepito)

This week’s podcast episode is on a subject that is extremely near to my heart… due to the fact that it’s something that so deeply affected me! When I was maturing, my mama checked out aloud to us nearly every day and I have numerous fond memories of the time we invested congregated — typically dealing with some kind of stitching handwork — while she read us a couple of more chapters from the book we were presently checking out aloud.

To this day, I remember numerous stories from those books and typically am motivated in my every day life to be more bold due to the fact that of them. I share more about that on this episode of The Crystal Paine Show where I’m signed up with by Jennifer Pepito, author of Mothering by the Book: The Power of Reading Aloud to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy. As you might have thought, this episode is everything about the favorable effect of checking out aloud to your kids.

Jennifer is the mom of 7 kids whom she has actually been homeschooling for twenty-five years. And she is enthusiastic about the power of checking out aloud — not simply for your kids, however for you as a mommy. She shares her finest ideas for beginning, how to approach hesitant listeners, a few of her preferred read alouds, and what reading aloud has actually appeared like in their house through the years.

She is such an experienced mom and homeschooler and has such a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share, and I hope that you discover her words practical. I left this discussion so inspired and I believe you will, too!

In This Episode

[01:11] – We are discussing the book Mothering by the Book today!

[02:27] – Did Jennifer constantly mean to homeschool her kids?

[05:14] – How Jennifer discovered time in her day to check out aloud to her kids — particularly when they were little.

[06:50] – What reading aloud has actually appeared like as Jennifer’s kids aged.

[11:05] – How do we get kids to sit still to listen to a book?

[12:57] – What do we do when there are disruptions.

[16:43] – How reading aloud affected me as a kid — and into their adult years.

[18:19] – Jennifer uses informative suggestions to brand-new moms.

[21:36] – And then she shares suggestions for mamas with older kids.

[23:44] – How can we begin making reading aloud a practice in our houses?

[24:55] – What are a few of Jennifer’s preferred read-aloud titles?



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