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No more uninteresting order e-mails from your WooCommerce shop. In the digital age of advancement, now is the ideal time to tailor your WooCommerce order e-mail design templates.

Send out a personalized, customized transactional e-mail to each and every single client. The finest e-mail customizer plugins in the WooCommerce area enable easy and simple personalization of order e-mail design templates.

Sending special and customized WooCommerce order e-mails leaves a long lasting impression amongst your clients. There are a lots of plugins in the WooCommerce area to send customized transactional e-mails however just a choose couple of make the job simple and efficient.

Sending tailored order e-mails from your WooCommerce shop is easier now and with the best plugin, you can make the day of any client. Transactional or order Emails are among the most utilized internet marketing techniques in the contemporary digital world, enabling them to produce a unique tune, not some sound. While sending tailored transactional e-mails, you require to believe from a consumer point of view to get an action from them. Engage clients with the ideal design template and you will get a devoted following for your WooCommerce shop.

Here in this short article, we have actually chosen among the very best carrying out e-mail customizer plugins to elaborate the job of personalizing order e-mail design templates.

Need and Benefits of Customizing Order Email Templates

Personalize your order e-mails with the help of tailored order e-mail design templates. Sending out tailored order e-mails is easier than ever with the WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus plugin.

Having a predefined WooCommerce e-mail design template is all right however having a design template that can be tailored based upon the requirements works. A plugin that supports numerous design templates, numerous languages and offers you a capability to tailor design templates on the go. The combination of the plugin with your existing system should be smooth and problem-free. For example, when it pertains to marketing automation, Mautic WooCommerce Integration sets the standard for problem-free combination.

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The plugin likewise helps you to send out e-mail design templates for various order statuses of particular clients. The Drag and Drop function is so useful that you can create and tailor your order e-mail design template quickly.

For a WooCommerce shop the site need to look excellent, so why not make your transactional e-mails look excellent too. This is the correct time for you to make modifications to remain ahead of the curve.

As pointed out previously, there are various plugins for personalizing your WooCommerce transactional e-mails however just a handful provide the service of easily personalizing your design templates. An crucial function to watch out for in a plugin is the sending out of “duplicate emails and upgraded email notifications”. These includes integrated with a simple drag and drop edit choice makes WooCommerce Email customizer a fantastic one to have at hand.

Emails in basic are a sort of interaction in between the client and shop. It is required that these mails are visually pleasing and appealing so that the clients return to your shop. This would ultimately enhance your shop’s income. This is absolutely possible if you tailor your WooCommerce order e-mails with the aid of a plugin.

Benefits of Customizing Transactional Emails – 

  • Customizing transactional e-mails with drag and drop functions can assist in providing the most interactive order e-mails.
  • Customized order e-mails can be conserved and recycled a variety of times.
  • With the WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin, there is no requirement to style order e-mail design templates from scratch.
  • Style your order e-mail design template utilizing CSS for providing customer-friendly order e-mails.
  • Dynamic details addition with the aid of shortcodes.

Apart from these advantages of a personalized order e-mail design template and the plugin you utilize to tailor it should be easy to use with simple-to-use navigation. Also, you understand the pre-defined requirements or conditions in selecting the ideal WooCommerce extensions for your shop.

WooCommerce Order Email Template Customization

As pointed out above, this short article will discuss plainly the personalization of order e-mail design templates utilizing among the top-performing plugins, WooCommerce Email Customizer. With this superior plugin, you can tailor the following classifications of order e-mail design templates.

  • New Order
  • Canceled Order
  • Failed Order
  • Order-on-Hold
  • Processing Order
  • Completed Order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer Invoice/Order information

All these order e-mail design templates can be tailored together with other e-mails that can be sent from your WooCommerce shop.

Customizing Order Email Templates – WooCommerce Email Customizer

The main point about this plugin is the specialized “drag and drop” function. It makes whatever simple, coding is not compulsory when you are set out to alter or tailor your transactional e-mail design templates.

You can quickly tailor your order e-mails, transactional e-mail and provide an amazing design template for each classification of e-mail. It makes the order e-mail design template to be more appealing that makes your clients return to you. This would ultimately increase your brand name worth.

An order e-mail is typically sent for processing order, finished order, reimbursed effectively, and some more. A typical aspect amongst all these e-mails is that it serves as a bridge of interaction in between your WooCommerce shop and client. Make the very best out of every e-mail and provide interesting transactional e-mails in a single click.

A transactional e-mail will increase,

  • CTR – Click-through rate
  • Increased conversion
  • Brand direct exposure
  • Proven performance history of much better ROI
  • Add the next order discount coupon.

A personalized order e-mail will supply all the compulsory things to increase brand name existence, duplicated sales, and much better client relationships with your online shop. Results acquired by a tailored order e-mail can never ever be underwhelming, so prepare your methods and drive much better sales through tailored transactional e-mails.

What can be Customized in Order of Email Templates?

You can consist of logo designs, modify header, footer, images to make the order e-mail design template more appealing. It resembles a page-builder where you can drag and drop image blocks, paragraph blocks, text blocks and likewise modify them as needed. Also, when WooCommerce Email Customizer is incorporated with Retainful, you can use the Next Order Coupon function. This function will send out a discount rate voucher together with the order e-mail for the clients’ next purchase.

The procedure of personalizing is discussed in a detailed way here.

Installation and Execution

Download and Install WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder in your WordPress Admin.

Step One. Login to your WordPress control panel and click Add New under the plugin area.

WooCommerce transactional email step 1

Step Two. You will be rerouted to the Upload Plugin screen, click it.

WooCommerce transactional email step 2

Step Three. Browse and pick the formerly downloaded Email Customizer Plugin bundle.

WooCommerce transactional email step 3

Once the plugin is chosen and upgraded, struck the “Install Now” button. Now, the plugin will be set up effectively.

Step Four. Now, Activate the plugin utilizing the offered license secret to effectively finish the setup.

WooCommerce transactional email step 4

Once set up and triggered in WordPress Dashboard, Click on WooCommerce -> WooCommerce Email Customizer.

WooCommerce transactional email step 4a

Customize Your WooCommerce Order Email Templates

Now as soon as your plugin is set up effectively and is chosen from your WordPress control panel, you will have the ability to modify the design templates of your order e-mails.

Step One. Select the tailor choice from the menu and from there you can modify your default design templates or produce a brand-new one.

WooCommerce transactional email step 5

Step Two. Select the kind of order e-mail design template you want to tailor or you can produce a brand-new one.

WooCommerce transactional email step 6

You can export, replicate, erase and modify the design template depending upon your requirements. This plugin offers all the choices required to produce a remarkable order e-mail design template.

Step Three. Once you click the order e-mail design template you wish to modify, you will be offered with a drag and drop choice to do so. In this case, we have actually chosen the order design template “Completed Order”.

email template

Note: The sample design template can be modified upon your requirement.

Step Four. You have obstructs and designs to tailor specific areas of your order design template which can be utilized for sending customized order e-mails.

blocks and styles

Under the blocks area, you will have designated areas for personalizing the design templates. Block editors have structure, aspects, and shop aspects under them.



Make modifications to the structure of your order e-mail by just dragging and dropping any among the column boxes based upon your requirement. Each column is created to fulfill your transactional e-mail requirements. Once the column is dragged and dropped, you can make modifications to the position of the column by changing cushioning, positioning, and spacing.

  • 1 Column – A single column to modify your transactional e-mails text body. You can drag and drop it and modify the cushioning, spacing, etc based upon the requirement.
  • 2 Columns – Multiple columns to provide more material in your transactional e-mail without enabling your users to scroll down. An interesting structure with more area for providing more details.
  • 3 Columns – The three-column grid structure enables you to segregate the details you are supplying to your client in transactional e-mails. This will come in handy in cases of supplying in-depth details.
  • 2 Columns (3/7) – Two columns however with various spacing on every one. A smaller sized very first column and a bigger 2nd column make sure that you have sufficient area and cushioning modification to place the details on your transactional e-mails properly.
  • 2 Columns (7/3) – Two columns spacing with a larger very first column when compared to the very first one. With ideal cushioning and you can make modifications to the positioning of the text within these structures
  • 4 Columns – All in one screen, no requirement for the mail receiver to scroll down. These 4 columns allow you to make use of the total screen and will make it look more expert.


Edit all the aspects in your default transactional e-mails to make them more enticing and expert from every point of view.

  • Text – Drag and drop the text box anywhere you require in the transactional e-mail structure to consist of any deals, details, or discount rate text.
  • Button – Include buttons in your transactional e-mails, a CTA button for much better client engagement and reach. Can consist of a button on any part of your WooCommerce transactional e-mails now, just drag and drop.
  • Image – Replace default images in your WooCommerce transactional e-mails and if required you can include brand-new images to them.
  • Divider – A noteworthy break in between 2 necessary parts in a transactional e-mail can be made with a divider block.
  • Group Social – Share your evaluations on social networks in a single click. Include social networks icons in your transactional e-mails with this block.
  • Spacer – Bold area in between 2 parts of your transactional WooCommerce transactional e-mail material. Continuous details is simplified to check out with the aid of area blocks.
  • Logo – Alter or modify your WooCommerce transactional e-mail logo design with the logo design block. Simple drag and drop this block and make modifications to your logo design.

Store Elements

Vital information of a WooCommerce transactional e-mail can be changed, modified, and upgraded in this part of the Email Customizer Plus plugin.

  • Address – Make modifications to the item delivery/billing address or include a brand-new address from where the item is being provided from. Simply drag and drop this block and make the modifications.
  • Order Summary – A total order summary can be provided to each and every single client in a transactional e-mail with this block.
  • % Retainful – Customize order e-mails for recuperating abandoned carts.

Similarly, the designs area is utilized to tailor the design template with regard to images, logo designs, text, and decors.

styles section

Under the designs area, you can have measurements, typography, and Decorations.



Typography and Decorations

typography and decorations

Step Five. You can likewise utilize shortcodes to modify your design template. The choice to modify utilizing shortcodes exists at the top of the page, beside the design template conserve button. 

email customizer

Once you click the shortcodes button, a popup will appear, where you can modify the shortcodes.

short codes

Step 6. Once all the aspects and designs are tailored according to the requirements, you conserve the design template by clicking the conserve button on top of the page.

customizer plus

You likewise have choices to sneak peek the tailored order e-mail design template. This will offer you a clear view of the tailored design template.


Customize WooCommerce order e-mail design templates on the go. There is absolutely nothing complex about providing amazing transactional e-mails. Make the relocation now so you don’t regret it later on. Remember, generally e-mails are a mode of interaction so make the interaction intriguing.

Also, personalizing transactional e-mail design templates is not a tiresome job, that too with the drag and drop function of WooCommerce Email Customizer it is hassle-free. Hope this short article fulfills your needs and responses your concerns about personalizing order e-mail design templates.

Wishing you all the best in producing your own excellent order e-mail design templates.

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