WordPress Search System [Best Practices & Plugins]

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Have you looked for a total tutorial on the WordPress search system”? You’ve reached the most appropriate outcome for your question.

Have you ever clicked a site with a missing out on search bar? What was your very first relocation?

A site that isn’t navigation-friendly is a huge no for users. For 40% of users, a search box is the most essential function on a site. And why shouldn’t be?

The internal search box plays an essential function in discovering the appropriate details on a site rapidly. Dividing your pages into classifications and arranging them utilizing tags isn’t enough. With a search bar, visitors can search details to get the appropriate outcomes rapidly.

In this post, we shall see how the WordPress search system works and what are the very best methods to utilize it? Also, given that we’re mentioning WordPress, the post is insufficient if I end it without sharing the very best WordPress search system plugins.

In this post, we’ll see:

How Do Various Websites Use The Internal Search?

We now understand that a search bar is an extremely essential component of a site and for 40% of users it is a non-negotiable part. Plus, it plays an essential function in enhancing the navigation experience for your visitors.

It can be a big turn-off if you’re missing out on one on your site. This is the factor that a lot of the great domains of numerous specific niches think about a search box an important part of site style.

Before we find out how the WordPress search system works, let’s see how numerous sites of various specific niches utilize the search box. And as an outcome, enhancing the navigation experience.

Blogging Websites

Websites like MakeWebBetter that have big repositories of material can make a big distinction for visitors with a search bar.

WordPress Search System bar blog sites

A search bar in the header of the site permits the readers to quickly discover a subject they are seeking to get in touch with. If there was no search bar a visitor needed to check out 44 pages and 433 blog sites to discover the preferred post.

WordPress Search System bar header
WordPress search bar on the side header

With a lot material, it can be extremely tough to browse for a user to discover the best blog site. A WordPress search system assists our visitors to navigate the posts effectively.


The search bars in online shops like Boozt enable the consumers to browse from the web page to a more particular narrower list of items.

ecommerce WordPress Search System example

For example, when you look for a term like “shirts” on Boozt, the website will return all the items that relate to t-shirts.

ecommerce search results
Search Results On Boozt

This personally conserves a great deal of time when one is surfing an online shop as she or he can straight reach the appropriate items from the web page.

Listing Or Aggregator Sites

For listing sites such as Trulia, a search bar is an essential when it concerns boosting the navigation experience of visitors.

aggregator WordPress Search System example

The search component on a listing website makes it extremely simple for a user to search the huge ocean of details to reach the preferred set of outcomes.

listing WordPress Search System example
Trulia Search Results Page

So these were some popular methods which sites utilize the WordPress search system to let their visitors effectively look for preferred details. Adding a search bar on your WordPress website permits the users to make searching quick, effective, and discover precisely what they require.

Now that we understand the value and usefulness of the WordPress search system, let’s see how you can make the most of this for your WordPress site.

Enabling a WordPress search system is an extremely simple procedure and can be finished simply by carrying out a couple of clicks.

In this area I’ll be sharing all the actions for including a WordPress search system:

  1. With your style
  2. Using a WordPress widget
  3. To the primary material of your site with WordPress tools
  4. Using codes

Adding WordPress Search System With Your Theme

Adding a WordPress search system is mostly depending on the style that you are utilizing. To show to you, I’ll be utilizing the Astra style which is a totally free and incredibly quick style.

Want A Helping Hand In Upgrading The Theme Of Your WordPress Website?

Now to make it possible for the WordPress Search System with your style here are the actions you require to follow:

  • Firstly, from your WordPress admin control panel go to the Appearance → Customize page.

    appearance theme customization

  • Now go to the Header → Primary Menu.

  • Lastly, scroll down till you discover the “Last Item in Menu” choice. From the dropdown menu choose the “Search” choice.

    WordPress Search System primary menu

As an outcome, a search icon will appear at the very end of your navigation menu. Now there can be a case that in some styles like Storefront the Last Item in Menu setup isn’t under the Header choice.

In this scenario, you need to include the WordPress search system by hand by utilizing among the following alternatives.

Add WordPress Search System Using WordPress Widgets

With WordPress widgets, you can include material as devoted blocks to numerous locations of your site such as in the header, footer, or sidebar.

One of the material obstructs that you can produce with WordPress widgets is the search bar. You can find the search widget from the admin panel within the Appearance menu.

WordPress Search System appearance widgets page

Upon picking the Widget choice from the Appearance menu you’ll be directed to a page where you can see all the widgets.

WordPress Search System widgets section

Now it’s up to you where you desire the search bar to appear on your WordPress site. For example, you desire the search bar to appear on each blog site page. To do this follow the following actions:

  1. Find and choose the widget called “Search”.

  2. From here there are 2 methods which you can include a search bar.

    1. You can either include a search bar by clicking it and picking the area where you desire it to appear.

    2. Or you can just drag and drop the Search widget area to the block.

  3. Finally, simply call your search bar and conserve your modifications.

Adding The Search System With WordPress Tools

With the aid of WordPress tools, you can include a search not just in the header or footer of your site however likewise to the real material.

Here are some to make this occur:

1. WordPress Editor

The Gutenberg editor has actually made it simple for the website owners to make interactive site WordPress pages. Even a private with no technical understanding can include numerous aspects without needing to count on HTML or Shortcodes.

Similarly, with the aid of the Gutenberg editor, you can include a search widget to your pages.

Gutenberg WordPress Search System widget

Not just this you can likewise have complete control over how the search bar appears when you get to pick them:

  • Title of the search bar
  • Content of the placeholder text
  • Button

You can likewise pick the design of the search block utilizing custom-made CSS classes.

2. Page Builder Plugin

Many people enjoy to deal with a drag and drop editor which is possible with a page home builder plugin like Elementor. Choosing and including a search widget is extremely simple with a page home builder plugin and the procedure resembles that of Gutenberg.

Begin by triggering a page home builder plugin in your WordPress environment and trigger the plugin, I’ll be utilizing Elementor in the meantime.

Now in the search bar under the aspects tab of the Elementor tab try to find “search”, and you’ll have some ideas listed below.

Elementor WordPress Search System page

Select the search component to drag and drop anywhere you desire it to appear on your page.

To be truthful, a page home builder plugin offers you much better control than the Gutenberg editor. It lets you layer the WordPress search bar over and within other material too.

3. Theme

Themes that are extremely specialized for numerous service designs immediately make it possible for the WordPress search system for the web material. For example, the Residence Real Estate style:

theme search bar

Such styles are primarily utilized by reserving sites and noting sites. Since the search procedure can be made complex on these websites due to huge information and pages, for that reason, it is smart to position a search bar page material.

Using Codes

Okay, coding geeks, the last action for you.

The WordPress search system can be allowed for site and page material utilizing effective advancement tools.

Begin by checking out the Appearance → Theme Editor page from your WordPress control panel.

WordPress Search System theme editor

Now you need to produce a shortcode for the search bar with the aid of the functions.php style file. And include the following bit at the bottom of the file:

add_shortcode( 'shortcodename', 'get_search_form');

You can change the name ‘shortcodename’ with a name of your option. Lastly, upgrade the file, and utilize the shortcode anywhere you desire a search bar to appear.

Best WordPress Search System Plugins

While we talked about lots of alternatives with aid of which you can make it possible for the WordPress search system, specific restrictions limit the execution of the native WordPress search type.

Let me discuss. The WordPress search system obtains outcomes just for the following material types on your site:

  • Page titles
  • Paragraph text
  • Image titles
  • Images captions
  • Image alternate text
  • File names

If your site has content apart from the previously mentioned ones like WooCommerce items, custom-made fields it won’t work. As an outcome, it can be a big constraint for your site visitors.

While the default WordPress search system restricts the kind of material it deals with, it likewise has limitations concerning the size of information it can process. What I imply to state is that as the variety of pages on your site increases with time it takes longer to serve them to your visitors.

To take on these issues you require a sustainable service that has actually included advantages to the WordPress search system.

Therefore, I’ll be showing you some plugins that can boost the internal search procedure for your site.

Shall we start?

1. Better Search

better WordPress Search System plugin

Better Search is a totally free service to supercharge your WordPress search results page.

It changes the default search system with a more effective engine to return search results page that are closest to the title and material of the post. Better Search permits your visitors to discover what they are searching for not simply through posts however likewise through other custom-made material types.

Better is packed with alternatives that assist you personalize the search output in a breeze.

WordPress Search System settings

Prominent functions consist of:

  1. The plugin immediately changes the default WordPress system when it is triggered in the admin environment.
  2. Better search mixes with your style without producing custom-made search design templates.
  3. The plugin immediately sorts the search results page by importance or by date.
  4. With Better Search, the website admin can examine what users are looking for and show a list of popular searches.
  5. Gives you support for a design template file that offers you ideal combination with your blog site design template.

2. Swiftype Site Search

swiftype site search

Swiftype Site Search is a plugin that changes the WordPress search system with a more refined online search engine to appear the appropriate material for your visitors.

The plugin makes it simple for WordPress site owners to include search performance to their site. All you need to do is enter your site’s address and Swiftype will produce an online search engine in real-time without the requirement to code.

The popular functions of Swiftype Site Search are:

  1. The plugin lets you show search results page on every page of your site without interrupting the site’s markup.
  2. Swiftype provides the most necessary function of a search bar that i.e autocomplete.
  3. It guides your users by returning them the most appropriate responses in real-time.
  4. The plugin improves the search results page for the visitors with the aid of qualities like date, rate, author, or material type.
  5. Swiftype immediately updates and integrates information whenever you modify, erase, or alter WordPress material.
  6. The site owners get to see the impactful search analytics that assists you comprehend their users and let them take efficient actions.

The plugin is readily available in both totally free and paid variations.

3. Programmable Search Engine

google programmable search

Programmable Search Engine is not a plugin however a tool from your house of Google that can be incorporated into your site.

With the aid of this tool, you can execute a Google online search engine for your sites that return outcomes that are restricted to your domain. The highlight is that you get to utilize the power of Google to return the very best and appropriate outcomes.

Google’s Programmable Search Engine permits you:

  • To personalize the look of your search bar and result page.
  • Use Google Analytics to track search terms, questions, and other appropriate information.

The Programmable Search Engine tool not just permits you to include an online search engine to your WordPress site however likewise permits you to evaluate what your audience is looking for on the site and make optimizations.

It is extremely easy to produce a customized online search engine with Google. Just follow the following treatment and you’ll have an online search engine allowed on your site within 20 minutes:

  1. Sign in to Google Programmable Search Engine by clicking the Get Started button.

    programmable search signup

  2. You’ll be rerouted to a panel where you can see alternatives to include or erase online search engine. Click on the Add button and you’ll be asked to go into a web address for the website you wish to produce an online search engine.

    add site for search

  3. After including the website press the Create button at the bottom. As an outcome, you’ll be offered a piece of code by Google which you can paste anywhere you wish to show the search field.

    get code site search

The Programmable Search Engine doesn’t change the default WordPress search system rather, it includes a brand-new search system for your site.

4. Advanced Woo Search

advanced woo search

Advanced Woo Search is a special service for eCommerce shopkeeper. The plugin is for enhancing the findability of your items that are noted on your WooCommerce shop.

Enabling the plugin permits you to position a search bar anywhere on your WooCommerce shop. With Advanced Woo Search you can enable the users to browse in the item:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Excerpt
  • ID
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • SKU

The popular functions of Advance Woo Search are:

  1. Customize the look of your search results page. You can pick whether to conceal or reveal item image, title, rate, description, tags, and far more.
  2. You can likewise include a contribute to haul button to items that appear in the search results page.
  3. The plugin supports variable items.
  4. Merchants can arrange the search results page by the concern of the source.
  5. You can filter and omit some items from the search based upon their ID, taxonomy, or quality.

The plugin is readily available in both totally free and paid variations.

Best Practices You Can Follow To Improve The Internal WordPress Search

Now I think a lot of you may currently understand how to make it possible for the WordPress search system for your site. But if you fall in a minimum of of the following cases, then I suggest you to read this part of the post:

  1. You have a big variety of pages of material on your site.
  2. Analyzing your information and your internal search is popular however is not making any conversions.
  3. Your search type is getting a great deal of action however the web server having a hard time a lot.
  4. The search system on your site isn’t advanced and nimble adequate to manage all sort of search questions.

Are you dealing with any among these issues? Don’t concern.

I’ll be going over some finest practices that will assist you enhance the internal search on your WordPress site.

1. Create A Custom Search Page

Your site visitors are anyways knowledgeable about utilizing a search system, then why not provide a devoted search page.

For producing a customized search page for a WordPress site, you’ll require backend access to your site utilizing a file supervisor. Then trace the following actions:

Enter the WordPress database.

Look for the /wp-content/themes/[your theme name]/page.php course.

Duplicate the page.php and call the brand-new file searchpage.php and open it for modifying.

Lastly, you’ve to conserve the searchpage.php design template and return to WordPress.

You can have a look at the complete guide here.

2. Think Beyond Pages And Posts

Creating a customized search is a method which you can boost the site searching experience for visitors. But to enhance the findability of your material your WordPress search system must apply pages and posts.

To increase the findability of your site material the users must have the ability to recover arise from:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media files
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Excerpts
  • Metadata like author name
  • Products if you’re running an online shop

WordPress Search System page

For enhancing the search results page and boosting the abilities of your WordPress search system you can take the aid of the plugins shared by me previously in this post.

3. Work On The Appearance

User experience plays an extremely essential function in making your consumers remain for longer on your site, the very same uses to your search results page page.

By default, the WordPress search results page program every page and post that matches the search term. If there is a highlighted image, it’ll be shown completely. This makes it tough for the users to make it through the outcomes if they are a great deal of them.

Thus, there is a big requirement to enhance the look of your search results page. This can likewise be finished with the aid of a plugin such as Swiftype, which lets you develop an appealing user experience with a drag and drop experience.

Ivory Search is likewise an excellent choice for boosting the default WordPress search by producing custom-made search kinds.

ivory search

4. Cache Your Search Results

Another essential idea to enhance your WordPress search results page in caching the search results page.

By keeping a cache of search results page the server won’t need to process the very same questions redundantly; rather, it’ll recover and show a fixed search results page page. As an outcome, your visitors get immediate search results page.

5. Enable Search Tracking In Google Analytics

So the last idea that I wish to share is to make it possible for search tracking in Google Analytics. You can discover it under Admin → All Web Site Data → View Settings.

search data google analytics

For an extensive setup guide, you can have a look at Google’s assistance post by click on this link.

By permitting Google Analytics to track the information for the searches made by users you learn more about the following:

  • What is drawing in visitors to your website?
  • Search terms for which you stopped working to supply material, responses, options to your audience.
  • What kind of material gets browsed the most?
  • Search questions that are making conversions.
  • Pages where the most browse questions happen.

Enabling Google Analytics’ search tracking you learn more about what your visitors are finishing with the search bar. As an outcome, you can efficiently form the on-site experience for your visitors.

Your Search Ends Now!!!

With this, we come to the end of our post.

The WordPress search system may appear to be an easy setup however play an extremely essential function in making the material available to the users. It assists the visitors in browsing through lots of pages utilizing an easy function.

By doing it best you get to gain the following advantages:

  • Increase the presence of your material considerably.
  • Help you comprehend your audience’s choices.
  • Make the visitors engage with your material.
  • Help you get more clicks, page views, and potentially a much better conversion rate.

If you desire your visitors to discover the appropriate details as quick as possible then ensure you’ve allowed the WordPress search system by following all the very best practices.


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