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“Worship suffocates worry.” This effective quote by Katie Reid has actually been challenging me since I read it in her book, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done.

When I’m feeling concern sneaking in, when I’m beginning to tension over the what if’s or unknowns, I wish to select praise rather.

This may suggest switching on praise music and singing along (there’s something about singing about the goodness and loyalty of God that simply alters your point of view and outlook!)

Or, it may appear like investing a long time applauding the Lord and calling out His qualities and character. (Growing up, my Mom would in some cases have us create something to applaud God for with every letter of the alphabet. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop! There’s a lot to applaud!)

It might likewise appear like reading Scripture about His assures and dependability and advising ourselves of these realities. However it tries to find you, will you join me in selecting praise rather of concern today? “Worship suffocates worry.”

This week on the Crystal Paine Show, I welcomed Katie on to share more about this principle and how to live a life of praise rather of a life of concern. I think this episode will actually motivate you — particularly if you are somebody who is a do-er, fixer, and problem-solver and you have a hard time to simply rest and release.

In This Episode

[00:37] – We’re dealing with the subject of praise versus concern today with Katie Reid.

[01:33] – Katie shares a little about her household — I resonate with her having 5 kids and a big age variety!

[03:22] – We discuss her book Made Like Martha and what it appears like to be a Martha and a Mary.

[07:51] – What it appears like to praise rather of concern, and why praise suffocates concern.

[10:55] – “We can starve worry when we feast on worship.”

[12:49] – Do you seem like there are a great deal of times when we’re fretting and we simply don’t even understand that we are fretting?

[15:26] – What does it appear like to select praise over concern?

[17:33] – How have you release that problem which weight of sensation like it’s all on you, to bring everybody else and to ensure all of it exercises?

[20:05] – “Delegation is not weak, it’s actually wise.”

[22:04] – How can you carefully choose what to state yes to and what to state no to? 

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